Regency Heritage Hosts Stein Assisted Living For Social Service Appreciation Day!

The Regency Heritage Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Somerset, NJ, was proud to host our exceptional colleagues from the Stein Assisted Living Center, located on our shared magnificent campus at the Oscar and Ella Wilf Campus for Senior Living!

We had a number of exceptional caregivers who were present, including our amazing social workers at Regency Heritage, as well as social workers from Stein.

I attached some pictures below.



Left to right: Toby Ehrlich of Stein Assisted Living and Marlene Grossman, Regency Heritage Director of Admissions.
Left to right: Phylicia Joseph, Social Worker, Regency Heritage, Mala Deodhari, Director Of Social Services, Regency Heritage, Marlene Grossman, Director of Admissions, Regency Heritage, Randi Rosen, Stein Assisted Living.
The setup


About Regency Heritage

heritage money shot-3

The most recent addition to the Regency family, Regency Heritage is centrally located in Somerset, New Jersey, on the beautiful 59-acre Oscar and Ella Wilf Campus for Senior Living. Regency Heritage is committed to bringing advanced levels of skilled nursing care, rehabilitation and quality of life to all those we serve, in an environment that embraces Jewish values and traditions.

A recent multi-million dollar renovation project has transformed Regency Heritage into one of the area’s most elegant and luxurious senior residences. A generous 265-bed capacity addresses both the community’s long- and short-term care needs. Spacious, elegantly appointed rooms, cheery public areas and gracious dining facilities help create an atmosphere of comfort, companionship and community.

About Stein Assisted Living


The Martin and Edith Stein Assisted Living Residence is committed to providing personalized assisted living support in a pleasant, homelike environment to Jewish seniors and other older adults in central New Jersey. The facility  takes pride in recognizing and meeting the personal, medical and spiritual needs of their residents… and celebrating the traditional Jewish values that are central to their mission of caring for the elderly.

Their comfortable residence in Somerset, New Jersey offers senior living at its finest! Residents live in private or shared apartments, decorated lovingly with their own belongings. They enjoy delicious Glatt kosher meals served in our lovely dining room, and can participate in Jewish services and holiday celebrations in our spacious building. Seniors can also choose from a full calendar of stimulating recreational and social activities, visit nearby shops and restaurants, or just relax with a good book in their library.


What’s With The Green Bags?

July 4, 2013.

Independence Day!
Independence Day!

Today we celebrate our Independence. Today our Regency Residents will explain to their visiting grandchildren, the significance of American ideals and values.
Regency Nursing is in full operation mode today. Whether your loved one resides in our Somerset location, Hazlet, Wayne, Lakewood, or other locations in New Jersey, the day will be chock full of activities and family events!

Please visit any of our Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers today and avail yourself to our many amenities.

However, that’s not what I thought about (initially) this morning when I went out for an early morning 8 mile run. Running alone in the wee hours of the morning lends itself to random musings. Sometimes I solve the world’s problems and sometimes I space out.

This morning, I thought about bags. Not just any bags, but sturdy nylon green bags in particular.

These are the popular Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation tote bags, resplendent with our beautiful logo and sought after by families, residents, doctors, hospitals and basically anyone who has ever seen one.
They are everywhere!

In my office, in our resident rooms, on their wheelchairs, in doctor offices. EVERYWHERE!
Why? Because they are awesome! They are well made and well constructed. They hold more stuff than Mary Poppins could fit inside and we give them away gratis to anyone who asks.
Families use them for shopping. Residents use them for personal effects. Doctors use them for our charts. Staff uses them for files. Etc.

At Regency Nursing Centers, it isn’t just the big things we are concerned with. We delve into every last detail and spare no expense in providing our families and residents with attractive and useful items.

Just this morning, I took a two minute stroll through our building and snapped a few pictures of our bags being used in all different applications.

Take a look:

Ramon Sola with a Regency Bag!
Ramon Sola with a Regency Bag!
Susan with a Regency Bag
Susan with a Regency Bag

Defining Excellence

Decades of Excellence!
Decades of Excellence!

One of the best compliments a proprietor can receive is the silent testimonial of a consistent customer. Someone who frequents an establishment over a lengthy period of time is typically a happy customer, since we assume they keep coming back because they are satisfied.

If this is true, then by extension, the penultimate compliment one can receive is to have the same customer affirm (and confirm) their happiness with a ringing, vocal endorsement of the establishment. Now, the proprietor needn’t assume because they have the facts.

I just got a call this morning from a family who is interested in our Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation facility because they had a friend who was with us for rehabilitation back in the 1990’s and was thrilled with our program!

In the 1990’s I was a young man who was still too immature to get married.

To receive a phone call from someone who validates our entire organization with a declarative endorsement of consistent excellence spanning decades, is incredibly exciting and exhilarating.

Regency Nursing hasn’t changed its focus. Our overarching philosophy has been the pursuit of excellence in every facet of healthcare.

Our relentless drive to achieve perfection is as old as our organization. It has been this way from day one and we continue to embrace the evolution of all technologies and medical advancements to grow and adapt with the changing times.

Regency Nursing in New Jersey – Perfect Care!

precision and excellence!
precision and excellence!

With the change in the time clock, I left my house at 6:10 am yesterday, to meet with some friends in New York City’s Central Park for a 13.1 mile run (Half Marathon distance).

The sun hadn’t come up yet and the air was cool and crisp. It was the perfect running weather. We saw few other runners who braved the loss of an hour’s sleep to go out for their constitutional.

Then, I actually heard the hissing sound before I saw it. An entire phalanx of bicyclists sped past me in the biker lane as part of a 24 mile bicycle race going on in the park at this early hour!

It was absolutely beautiful to watch the multitudes of bikers all working together as a team in perfect sync with each other, their wheels barely inches apart and cycling at incredible speeds.

One slip up, one biker taking a curve at an imprecise angle, would result in a catastrophic crash with significant injuries or worse.

Then I thought of our program at Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation centers and realized that we are not at all different from those bikers.

We have a robust program of compassionate care with many different departments (nursing, recreation, housekeeping, maintenance, social work, admissions, administration etc.) all working together in perfect harmony like a well oiled machine!

Each ‘cog’ in our ‘wheel of care’, must work with precise dedication and in perfect collaboration with every department, so as to provide the exceptional care which we have become famous for!

This realization was cause for tremendous pride and exhilaration!

Regency Nursing Throws Centenarian Birthday Bash!!

Regency Jewish Heritage Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, 380 DeMott Lane, Somerset NJ, recently hosted a grand celebration luncheon for 21 centenarian “celebrities”.  On May 2nd, approximately 90 guests enjoyed a delicious three course luncheon prepared at the Center, a special cake was a centerpiece created for the centenarians, along with live entertainment, and gifts.  Wonderful stories that encapsulated 21 centenarians’ life’s were shared, creating high energy and excitement at the event!

The program was a collaborative effort between Regency Jewish Heritage Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and Somerset County Office of Aging and Disability Services, The Department of Human Services.  All centenarians in Somerset County were invited to attend, along with their family members.  Proclamations from the County were distributed to the honorees by the Somerset County Department of Aging, Administrator of Eldercare Services, Cynthia Vorhees, Freeholder Robert Palmer and Freeholder, Patrick Scaglione.  Mayor of Franklin Township, Brian Levine, Joanne Fetzko, Executive Director of Somerset County Office of Aging and Disability, along with County staff attended, and enjoyed these unique people who had such a vast variety of life experiences.  Each celebrant was encouraged to share a few “pearls of wisdom”.  Most commented they were very grateful for the opportunity to enjoy a full life and enjoy their family, had great faith, and knew how important a good sense of humor is.  While these celebrants have a decade of memories to reflect upon and enjoy, May 2, 2012, will certainly create a special new memory for themselves, as well as their loved ones, commemorating the special life they are leading.

Pictured are the centenarians gathered around the cake at the finale of the luncheon as everyone sings, “Happy Birthday”.

Eight of the Centenarians are residents at Regency Jewish Heritage Nursing and Rehabilitation; one is a short term patient receiving rehabilitation services.  Experts attribute longevity to genetics and lifestyle choices.   At Regency Jewish Heritage Nursing and Rehabilitation, quality of life, activities, socialization, live entertainment, camaraderie, along with kind, compassionate care is paramount.         

Pictured are Hilda Lubetkin and her family.  Left to right, daughter, Joan Lubetkin, Hilda Lubetkin, centenarian, standing to right is great-granddaughter Chloe Litt.  Second row, daughter, Carole Koblentz, granddaughter Renee Litt and granddaughter, Pam Shlissel.
Pictured are Hilda Lubetkin and her family. Left to right, daughter, Joan Lubetkin, Hilda Lubetkin, centenarian, standing to right is great-granddaughter Chloe Litt. Second row, daughter, Carole Koblentz, granddaughter Renee Litt and granddaughter, Pam Shlissel.

One of Regency’s residents, Hilda Lubetkin, had four generations present at the event.  They were overjoyed at having everyone together honoring their mother, with family traveling from out of state to be present.  Hilda is a joyful lady, and refers to Regency as “The Grand Hotel”. 

The ages at the event ranged from 11 months old to 103 years young.  Everyone who attended expressed their enjoyment, and was a very distinctive celebration for very special “celebrities” in Somerset County.  Memories, laughter, smiles and precious moments were created for the group to remember. 

Pictured are Joanne Fetzko, Executive Director of Somerset County Office of Aging and Disability Services, The Department of Human Services and Marty Bengio, Administrator of Regency Jewish Heritage Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

 For further information regarding Regency Jewish Heritage Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, call 732-873-2000, or visit

Prepared for publication by: Marie E. Barnes – Corporate Marketing and Public Relations Director – Regency Nursing.

Compassionate Care From Passionate People – The Regency Formula!

Making our residents smile!I was conducting a tour with a colleague today at our beautiful Nursing & Rehab facility in Hazlet, NJ. The family is contemplating sending their ailing father from N.Y.C. for rehabilitation at our facility in New Jersey. They heard wonderful reviews regarding our quality of care and wanted to see it up close for themselves.

We are always excited for the opportunity to showcase our facility, because as much as we can describe the level of care we provide, it still pales in comparison with the real life illustration of that care in action when a family tours our facility!

The attention to detail and the devotion of our staff and nurses is reflected in the happy smiles of our patients and residents. I was therefore truly pleased when family member turned to me and remarked that he could actually discern the passion for their work evident on the faces of our staff!

To me, this thought sums up and quite succinctly, the quality of care that is the hallmark of every Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Center throughout New Jersey!

It is this type of “compassionate care from passionate people” that has earned us the highest 5 star ratings on every conceivable metric and has made us the envy of nursing facilities sate wide!