Should You Be Enrolling In Medicare?

The answer to “Should you be enrolling in Medicare?” is usually right away — though with a few caveats. After all, it’s estimated by the folks at Fidelity Investments that a 65-year-old couple will, on average, spend about $260,000 out of pocket on healthcare expenses during their retirement — and that’s including expenses covered by Medicare. You don’t want to face healthcare costs without some kind of coverage, and Medicare is the best place to start. (You can always buy additional coverage beyond Medicare.)

Selena Maranjian writing today for the Motley Fool makes the above observation and adds some additional excellent points for us to consider.



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The Best Place For Rehabilitation Near Hazlet, NJ?

Well, Lawrence, clearly has a favorite choice!

But I’m jumping ahead of myself.

First, I wish to share today’s ‘Daily Dose Of Inspiration’ provided by Barbara and our good friends at

Now, let us talk about rehab in Hazlet.

Our Director of Social services at Regency Park, apprised me of a wonderful new development this morning.

Thanks Claire!

Take a look right here:

So today we have a double dose of inspiration.

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Magnificent Online Review Posted For Regency Heritage!

Take a look at the snapshot!

This was published today.

I am soooo proud.

Let this be today’s ‘Regency Daily Dose Of Inspiration.’



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Beautiful Praise For Regency Park in Hazlet!

Take a look at a letter we just received from one of our grateful families!

Ty Chaim for sharing this!


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Regency Gardens In Wayne Participates in St. Joseph’s Golf Event!

I am so proud to share with you some follow up photos from our golf event yesterday with the St. Joseph’s Healthcare System!

As a member and sponsor of their ‘President’s Circle Club,’ this is an event we eagerly look forward to each year.

The golf outing also presents the hospital with an opportunity to recognize the Regency Gardens Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, not only for the unrivaled care we provide for their patients, but also for the philanthropic efforts of our President, David Gross (who happens to be an accomplished and avid golfer), to give back to the community and to support the hospital foundation and its work.

Here are some photos from the event!

Left to right: Regency Gardens Administrator, Mark Benedek, Medical Director, Dr. Kucuk, Regency Founder & President, David Gross

left to right: David Gross, Jennifer Mendrzycki, VP at St. Joseph’s, Michael Gross, Director of Corporate Marketing at Regency, Carmela Petrozza, Director of Admissions at Regency Gardens

Regency team with Margie Langer, MD FACEP, Chief of Emergency Medicine at St. Joseph’s

With Kevin Slavin, President of St. Joseph’s Hospital


With the Mayor of Wayne, NJ, Christopher Vergano

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Mother’s Day 2017 at Regency Heritage In Photos!

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Nurses Week and Mothers Day At Regency!

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Regency Heritage Rehab – A Live Seminar!

Our post-acute rehabilitation partner, Yaffa Lieberman hosted an awesome presentation this week at Concordia in Monroe . Yaffa’s presentation went great and was well received. There were 18 in attendance and one of the individuals is slated for a hip replacement at Hospital for Special Surgery very soon and will be joining us at Regency Heritage for rehab.

Here is a photo of her presentation:

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Regency Gardens Participates In Chilton Hospital Event

Left to Right: Carmela Petrozza, Regency Gardens, Joan Beloff, Chilton Hospital, Mark Benedek, Regency Gardens

A great time was had by all and of course, we are honored to be an integral and supporting member of foundation, via the ‘Presidents Club.’

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Regency Heritage – Sponsors at St. Peter’s Hospital Gala

Regency Heritage on Demott Lane in Somerset, NJ, was a proud sponsor of the recent St. Peter’s Hospital Annual Gala ball.

Leslie Hirsch, President of the the hospital, thanked us for our support at this year’s amazing event.

St. Peter’s honored Dr. Singal, who is a prominent local Cardiologist and a friend of Regency.

We were proud to host several of our prominent physicians who joined us at the gala as our honored guests.

Here is a copy of the event flyer.




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