Regency Nursing in New Jersey – Perfect Care!

precision and excellence!
precision and excellence!

With the change in the time clock, I left my house at 6:10 am yesterday, to meet with some friends in New York City’s Central Park for a 13.1 mile run (Half Marathon distance).

The sun hadn’t come up yet and the air was cool and crisp. It was the perfect running weather. We saw few other runners who braved the loss of an hour’s sleep to go out for their constitutional.

Then, I actually heard the hissing sound before I saw it. An entire phalanx of bicyclists sped past me in the biker lane as part of a 24 mile bicycle race going on in the park at this early hour!

It was absolutely beautiful to watch the multitudes of bikers all working together as a team in perfect sync with each other, their wheels barely inches apart and cycling at incredible speeds.

One slip up, one biker taking a curve at an imprecise angle, would result in a catastrophic crash with significant injuries or worse.

Then I thought of our program at Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation centers and realized that we are not at all different from those bikers.

We have a robust program of compassionate care with many different departments (nursing, recreation, housekeeping, maintenance, social work, admissions, administration etc.) all working together in perfect harmony like a well oiled machine!

Each ‘cog’ in our ‘wheel of care’, must work with precise dedication and in perfect collaboration with every department, so as to provide the exceptional care which we have become famous for!

This realization was cause for tremendous pride and exhilaration!

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