What’s With The Green Bags?

July 4, 2013.

Independence Day!
Independence Day!

Today we celebrate our Independence. Today our Regency Residents will explain to their visiting grandchildren, the significance of American ideals and values.
Regency Nursing is in full operation mode today. Whether your loved one resides in our Somerset location, Hazlet, Wayne, Lakewood, or other locations in New Jersey, the day will be chock full of activities and family events!

Please visit any of our Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers today and avail yourself to our many amenities.

However, that’s not what I thought about (initially) this morning when I went out for an early morning 8 mile run. Running alone in the wee hours of the morning lends itself to random musings. Sometimes I solve the world’s problems and sometimes I space out.

This morning, I thought about bags. Not just any bags, but sturdy nylon green bags in particular.

These are the popular Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation tote bags, resplendent with our beautiful logo and sought after by families, residents, doctors, hospitals and basically anyone who has ever seen one.
They are everywhere!

In my office, in our resident rooms, on their wheelchairs, in doctor offices. EVERYWHERE!
Why? Because they are awesome! They are well made and well constructed. They hold more stuff than Mary Poppins could fit inside and we give them away gratis to anyone who asks.
Families use them for shopping. Residents use them for personal effects. Doctors use them for our charts. Staff uses them for files. Etc.

At Regency Nursing Centers, it isn’t just the big things we are concerned with. We delve into every last detail and spare no expense in providing our families and residents with attractive and useful items.

Just this morning, I took a two minute stroll through our building and snapped a few pictures of our bags being used in all different applications.

Take a look:

Ramon Sola with a Regency Bag!
Ramon Sola with a Regency Bag!
Susan with a Regency Bag
Susan with a Regency Bag

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