Regency Nursing Centers NJ: COVID-19 Vaccination Message

On behalf of our Founder and President, David Gross, the extended Gross family, and the entire Regency family, we are excited to have commenced with vaccinating our residents at each of our Regency facilities this month!

To our local politicians and dignitaries who were in attendance at each event:

We were especially privileged to share our vaccination launch with all of you.

With all our heart, we thank you for celebrating this milestone with us. We have always cherished our friendship and remain deeply grateful for your continued partnership and support of our work and our efforts.

It is through your own local leadership and efforts that events like these are made possible.

We are ready for a new year!

We find ourselves at the dawn of a new year; a year that is already full of hope and promise for brighter days ahead.

2020 has been a year like no other in recent memory.

The worldwide pandemic known as the coronavirus, has tested our planet to the extreme. Collectively, we have lost hundreds of thousands to this deadly disease. Personally, we all know somebody close to us who succumbed to Covid-19.

The pain of such loss is indescribable, especially when too many have perished alone and afraid, without the comfort of their loved ones to surround them in their final moments.

But nowhere has the pandemic been more impactful and more acutely felt than in the skilled nursing industry where we care for the most vulnerable of our population, our senior citizens.

From the very onset of the pandemic, nursing homes and their residents suffered the full brunt of an unforgiving disease, misguided directives from top levels of government and an unrelenting media more invested in salacious soundbites than truth and fairness in reporting.

Our healthcare heroes step up!

Through it all, our heroic healthcare workers stepped up to the challenge to care for their patients and residents with singular dedication and compassion. When everyone else was self-isolating, these ‘heroes in hazmats’ were placing themselves in the eye of the storm to do God’s work.

When fingers were being unfairly pointed in their direction to castigate and scapegoat, they remained focused and driven to heal the sick without regard for themselves.

At Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers, we stand in awe of our own heroic staff for their incredible acts of self-sacrifice.

You all embody the spirit and resilience of the human spirit. Your selflessness, compassion and dedication to our residents is a source of endless inspiration to us and to our grateful families.

It is through your efforts that we remain the only 5-star healthcare system in the entire state, even during a global pandemic!

To our partner pharmacies:

We would like to take this moment to thank our local designated partner pharmacies, for working with us in the days and weeks ahead to vaccinate our residents and the members of our community.

We look forward to collaborating with you on this ‘miracle’ project!

To our local communities:

We would like to thank the members of our communities, beginning with our local enforcement agencies right on down to each of our friends and neighbors.

The late Coretta Scott King once famously said; “the greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

Indeed, truer words were never spoken.

We are truly proud to be part of the Dover, Somerset and Wayne NJ communities.

The members of our communities contributed to our efforts in the most creative and heartfelt ways.

From your homemade masks, to face-shields rendered on 3-d printers, to your food contributions for our staff and local agencies, to custom ski-masks for our staff, you all stepped up to show tremendous compassion and friendship.

Each gift was, and is, incredibly meaningful and deeply touching.

We are humbled by your generosity and thank you for your friendship.

May God bless you all and here is to a fantastic 2021!


Your Regency Nursing Family

2021 Winter Safety For Seniors

Well my friends, it is snowing today in the tri-state area and it truly is beginning to feel like the holiday season is upon us!


The Regency Alliance on Senior Healthcare previously published an incredible pamphlet regarding winter safety for seniors, which we hand out gratis (and we’ve given away thousands of these pamphlets to various libraries, hospitals, Dr. offices and other healthcare institutions).

I encourage you all to read this!

Click on this link

My friend and a superb and true healthcare professional, Denise Graab of, also wrote an incredible and empowering article on this topic back in 2017 and it is as relevant today as it was then.

I encourage you to read her piece as well.

Click on this link to be directed to her article.

Stay Safe!

Congrats To Our President On A Groundbreaking Achievement (Literally)!

On October 18th, a long pursued dream came true for our President, David Gross, as he broke ground on what will be a beautiful new Jewish Congregation in Clifton, NJ.

The celebration was well attended by the entire Jewish community of Passaic-Clifton and many local politicians. The ceremony marked the culmination of a 15-year long legal process which set a new precedent in the City for all future houses of worship catering to all faiths and denominations.

This years long struggle spearheaded and funded entirely by Mr. Gross, is a demonstration of his iron will and fortitude and will long resonate and be remembered by future generations. Indeed, every faith and every denomination will benefit from his single-minded vision and perseverance in the face of adversity.

Regency Jewish Heritage is proud to pay homage to our beloved Founder and President upon this milestone achievement.

Rendering of the new Sanctuary!

Regency Nursing Founder, David Gross Helps Secure Increased Yeshiva Funding

Regency Nursing Centers Founder and President, David Gross, has long spearheaded and championed many charitable initiatives for Jewish causes. This has always been a source of tremendous pride for us at Regency Jewish Heritage!

His latest successful initiative with the venerable Jewish institution, Agudath Israel of America, is no exception.

This article was recently published by Harry Glazer writing for the Jewish Voice.


Senior Fitness and Rehab Near The Wilf Campus for Senior Living

“A body at rest tends to stay at rest. A body in motion tends to stay in motion.”
-Sir Isaac Newton-

At the Regency Jewish Heritage Nursing and Post-acute Rehabilitation Center in Somerset, NJ, we place great emphasis on honoring the aforementioned quote.

There is nothing more counter to a healthy lifestyle than inactivity and turning into a sedentary ‘couch potato.’

A proper fitness and exercise and regimen, knows no distinction of age or gender. Male and female, both young and old, need to stay active in order to stay healthy.

I find there is a misconception promulgated by some that fitness is about honing ones physique or developing an obsession with your local gym and your personal trainer.

That’s a most myopic view of what staying fit is all about.

Staying fit is about improving your immune system and increasing your lifespan, period.

It really is that profound, yet that simple.

To this end, seniors have much to gain by working on increasing their stamina and energy, including spending more years enjoying their children and grandchildren.

The problem during this unprecedented pandemic, is that we no longer have the luxury of going to the gym to workout and stay healthy.

However, that doesn’t mean all is lost. In fact, the helpful tips I’ve put together below don’t require a gym membership!

Here are several suggestions that we practice here with our residents at Regency Heritage to great success:

  1. Proper sleeping habits is crucial. Our bodies crave a set rhythm and structure when it comes to sleep. Without the proper amount of sleep, the body becomes lethargic and weak. Seniors are especially prone to lethargy when their sleeping pattern is off kilter and inadequate.
  2. Eat healthy. It isn’t just young folks who like to nosh. Seniors enjoy candy too. Some candy in moderation (and when it doesn’t conflict with ones dietary restrictions and protocol) is ok, but junk food should never replace healthy, wholesome and nutritious meals. At Regency, we ensure that our residents eat healthy.
  3. Walk, don’t ride. Most senior living centers will have multiple elevators in house. Elevators are convenient, but not conducive to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t absolutely need the elevator, take the stairs to help with your metabolism and increase your vitality.
  4. Get outdoors. We have beautiful outdoor spaces at Regency and encourage our residents to avail themselves of our lush greenery and idyllic waterfalls and ponds. Staying cooped up all day inside (and certainly during the warmer months) will adversely impact your mood and energy level.
  5. Stay social. On first glance, this seems like more of an emotional tip than a tip for maintain a healthy body. The truth is, there is a direct synergy and correlation between emotional and physical wellbeing. Someone who is thriving emotionally will be better equipped to stay healthy. That’s why at Regency, we encourage and foster an active social lifestyle for our residents.

In the final analysis, a healthy individual is a happy person, so stay happy and stay healthy!

Visit us next door to the Oscar and Ella Wilf Campus for senior living!

We are the marquee skilled nursing and rehab facility located next door in the the same sprawling complex.

About Regency Jewish Heritage

Regency prides itself on offering the very best of care in a patient-centered environment. This means always listening to our residents and patients and respecting their capabilities, while helping them to achieve maximum functionality and independence. And always maintaining the highest professional and quality standards in our staff and our facilities. Our 25 years of excellent care have led to us being awarded a Best Nursing Homes award by US News & World Today, a 5-Star rating by USA Today, and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, among many other awards.

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Mr. Gross Gets His Annual Flu Shot at Regency Grande, Dover, NJ

Whoever said that owners of skilled nursing and post-acute facilities “never involve themselves in the day to day activities” of their centers, never met our beloved Mr. David Gross.

Here he is just this week getting his free flu shot at Regency Grande Nursing and Post-Acute Rehabilitation Center.

It is an annual occurrence for Mr. Gross to receive his flu shot together with our Regency staff (and he insists on waiting in line like everyone else).

Taking “true ownership” has meanings on multiple levels.

Mr. Gross is a true owner and that’s why we respect him so much!

Regency Nursing Centers provides FREE annual flu shots to our staff

For more information on our 5-Star Skilled Nursing Facilities in New Jersey and to take a VIRTUAL TOUR, please CLICK HERE.

Left: Mr. Gross gets his annual flu shot at Regency circa 2013. Right: Mr. Gross gets his annual flu shot at Regency, September 2020

Long-Term Care; Making Informed Choices

At Regency Nursing Centers, we are all about empowering consumers to make the right choices.

With world-class skilled nursing and rehab centers in New Jersey, there is no reason to fall into the trap of choosing anything less for your loved one.

Back in 2015, I was interviewed by the good folks at the popular consumer healthcare resource website, regarding this topic. has always been a great friend of Regency Nursing Centers because of our shared commitment to protecting our seniors. They have a deep and abiding appreciation and respect for the type of care we provide. So when they asked me to write an article on this important topic, I was happy to oblige.

That important article can be found HERE.

Long-Term Care in a Post-pandemic world

The fact is, the world is healing, perhaps a bit slowly, but healing nonetheless.

God willing there will be a vaccine for this pandemic in the not too distant future.

In fact, we are extremely proud at Regency Nursing Centers to be COVID-19 free at our centers!

5-Star rated and COVID-19 FREE is a powerful and winning combination.

It’s why people have continued to entrust us with the long-term care placement for their elderly loved ones for all this time.

It’s also why this important topic deserves a refresh.

How Do You Know When the Time is Right?

The reality is that at some point, even the healthiest and most robust senior will likely require some level of assistance outside the home. If your loved one is experiencing ongoing health difficulties or needs assistance with activities of daily living, take a few moments to answer the questions below. If you can answer yes to any of them, the time has probably come to make a decision concerning long-term care.

  • Has your loved one’s advancing age or a chronic health condition resulted in seriously diminished strength and inability to function independently?
  • Has it become increasingly difficult for family members and friends to provide adequate care without regular professional support?
  • Have escalating clinical needs or changes in behavior rendered the current setting for care inadequate or unsafe?

To read more, visit my article published in 2015 on right OVER HERE.

The Regency Alliance on Senior Healthcare

As part of our ongoing efforts to educate healthcare consumers, we placed our article on this topic in print form to make available for free downloads!

Click on the cover below to view and download this important pamphlet!