Barbara Bush’s Last Legacy: the Importance of End-of-Life Decisions

Barbara Bush was the first, First Lady of my youth.

I was born in 1978, so this isn’t entirely true.

I was around for some of Rosalyn Carter’s tenure and I certainly remember Nancy Reagan.

However, it was only during the Bush presidency (the elder) that I began to appreciate politics and the role of a President and his Wife in American life.

I thought the world of Barbara Bush.

Barbara was an elegant matriarch and a champion of noble causes and platforms.

Her recent passing closes a chapter and leaves a void, without a doubt.

Former first lady Barbara Bush, beloved wife of George H. W. Bush, passed away yesterday at her home in Houston, Texas. She was 92 years old. The first lady will be remembered for her campaign to improve literacy across America, through her the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy. She was also involved with the battle against childhood leukemia, a cause near to heart since she lost her own child to leukemia at the age of three.

There’s one more thing Mrs. Bush will be remembered for, and that is the spotlight she shone on end-of-life decisions. Two days before her passing on April 17, the Bush family announced that their mother had decided “not to seek medical treatment and will focus on comfort care.” Mrs. Bush suffered from congestive heart failure and COPD, and decided to stop fighting her terminal illness in favor of comfort, or palliative, care.

The announcement sparked national conversation about the definition of comfort care and end-of-life care in general. Nobody likes to contemplate the end of their own life, but it’s important to think about it before it’s too late. Many elderly people don’t make their wishes known to their family or medical providers, and sometimes they’re no longer verbal or even conscious when those crucial decisions need to be made. Barbara Bush, in publicly announcing her medical choices, raised awareness that will hopefully spur more seniors to document their own choices and preferences.

Writing an Advance Healthcare Directive

It’s never too early to start thinking about writing your advance directive, or living will. The advance healthcare directive is a document that allows you to state your wishes for your end-of-life care, in case you become unable to communicate. Even if you are still able to communicate, having your choices documented can help ensure that your wishes are honored.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to your end-of-life healthcare. These decisions are highly personal, and each person should create their living will after much thought and consideration. You may also want to consult with your lawyer to make sure your living will is valid and can’t be contested.

Like the late first lady, many people with terminal illnesses opt to receive comfort care, also known as palliative care. With palliative care, all “extreme” measures, such as ventilators or CPR, are discontinued. The focus is on alleviating pain and managing symptoms. This allows the patient to die peacefully, often in their own home.

Other people prefer to pursue all life-prolonging measures available, in the belief that life itself—no matter how limited or painful—is worth prolonging. In all cases, the patient’s wishes should be honored as much as possible.

If your elderly parent doesn’t have some form of living will, start the conversation today. Having an advance directive will make sure your parent gets the care he wants and deserves.


About Regency Jewish Heritage, Somerset, NJ?



If ever you wish to learn about an establishment, organization, company, prospective employer, etc, what would you do (that’s almost a rhetorical question)?

Well, of course you conduct your due diligence, which includes researching and learning from the personal experiences others have had of with these same companies.

So what are people saying about Regency Jewish Heritage?




An Amazing Week At Regency Gardens in Wayne!

What an amazing week we had at Regency Gardens in Wayne, NJ!

So many great moments……and the week isn’t even over yet!

Here are two:

David came by to say hello and to thank us again!

Why is this exciting?

Because David was with us for post-acute rehabilitation not too long ago and needed plenty of help. Today he looks like he’s ready to run the marathon  – and that makes us VERY proud!

Here is David with Ruth and with Mark!

Then, you’ll also notice our newly decorated bus just waiting to take our excited residents out for their activities and excursions!

Yeah, we’re pretty pumped about that too!

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!


Watch Your Back!

At Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers, we don’t simply look after the isolated medical issues and symptoms of our patients; we care for the TOTAL patient.

We regularly in-service and lecture and educate our residents (and our staff too) regarding healthy living.

One of the popular topics we cover is proper posture and “minding your back.”

This is especially relevant to seniors.

Bad back habits can be extremely debilitating, especially to elderly people.

On March 24, 2016 I published an article on this topic, in my capacity as representative of Regency Nursing Centers, on an extremely popular online healthcare resource.

I’d like to re-invite you all to read this important article by clicking on THIS LINK.




Preparing Our Regency Heritage Kitchen For Passover 2018!

The Regency Jewish Heritage Nursing and Rehabilitation Center provides skilled nursing care and short-term sub-acute care and rehabilitation on The Wilf Campus in central NJ.

Our services include:

• Rehabilitation
• Extensive physical, occupational and speech therapy
• Specialized transitional care for seniors suffering from the effects of severe illness, trauma or surgical procedures
• Help with eating, bathing, personal care and other activities of daily living according to each resident’s individual requirements

Our philosophy of care is shaped by one guiding principle: everything we do is devoted to helping the people we care for to achieve a fuller life. We will always do everything possible to achieve that goal… regardless of the cost or effort involved.


If you are looking for the best Kosher Nursing Home in New Jersey, Regency Jewish Heritage is where it is at!

We have a beautiful Synagogue on the premises and a dedicated Rabbi for our residents and families.

Our Kosher food and Kosher ingredients are of the highest quality and delicious to the most discriminating palate!

Speaking of Kosher, we are once again hard at work, cleaning our kitchen equipment, in advance of our unique to the industry, Kosher For Passover Culinary Cuisine Program!!

After last year’s Passover program, we received this beautiful letter of thanks from one of our local Rabbis and we are expecting a great program for this year as well!

Here are a few photos of our very own Rabbi Friedman, supervising the cleaning of our equipment this week.