What is Acute Rehabilitation?

In July of 2015, I published this short description on our internal Regency Blog, outlining the difference between “acute rehab” and “sub-acute rehab.”

The article was very well received and has been visited by over several thousand unique visitors, to date.

Just this morning, an industry colleague who works in a local hospital informed me that she disseminated my blog to a fellow social worker to help her better articulate to families the nuances and differences between the two.

Regency is always happy to oblige, especially when we are educating and empowering!

My Visit To The Manor Health And Rehab Center In Freehold, NJ

Last night I went to visit a patient at The Manor skilled Nursing and rehabilitation center in Freehold, NJ

This patient is looking to transfer to Regency Park, which is our magnificent Nursing and Post-Acute Rehabilitation Center located in Hazlet, NJ.

regency park money shot-2


The Manor Health and Rehabilitation Center in Freehold, NJ, provides short-term rehabilitation and long-term skilled-nursing services for adults age 18 and older and is located on the campus of CentraState Medical Center. The Manor is part of CentraState Healthcare System’s senior services division.

Upon my arrival to The Manor, I took these several photos:



The Manor Entrance
The Manor Entrance

The Manor is located not too far from our World Class Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Regency Heritage, which is located in Somerset, NJ.

heritage money shot-3

heritage money shot-2

heritage money shot-1
For more Information on Regency Park and Regency Heritage, or to schedule a tour, please call 732-264-5800, or visit us online at www.RegencyNursing.com


My Visit To Roosevelt Care Center At Old Bridge, NJ

Late last night I paid a visit to the Roosevelt Care Center at Old Bridge, NJ.

This is a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center located at 1133 Marlboro Rd. Old Bridge NJ 08857.

I was there to meet with a family and a patient who will be transferring today to our magnificent Regency Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Hazlet NJ.

Regency Park is located just a short drive from the Roosevelt Care Center and the family selected us for our world class 5 Star Rated Care.

regency park money shot-2


regency park money shot-1
Gorgeous Regency Park. Click on image to be taken to our website!

Roosevelt Care Center is located near the intersection of Routes 9 and 18

The Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders began construction on the 105,000-square-foot center in 2009, and Roosevelt Care Center at Old Bridge officially opened its doors in the fall of 2011. The intent was to extend all of Roosevelt Care’s services to a more convenient location for South County families and residents.

Upon my arrival, I took these several photos:













30 Day Readmissions Rate: What’s Behind The Number

I picked up a fantastic article today by Kevin McMahon, MPA, LNHA, writing for LTL.

Kevin McMahon, MPA, LNHA
Kevin McMahon, MPA, LNHA

Both the acute care and post-acute care (PAC) industries have their full attention focused on the much discussed and hyper-analyzed 30-day readmission metric. On the acute care side, this number determines whether a reimbursement penalty will be applied—affecting revenue streams. On the PAC side, the number increasingly will be used to judge the quality of PAC partners and ultimately communicate that information to discharging patients. High stakes stuff for sure. Unfortunately the fixation on this magical metric might be obscuring various subtle and more nuanced aspects of this readmission puzzle.

As I have considered this metric and its implications both as a PAC administrator and in my current job on the acute care side of the of the healthcare world, I have stumbled on three not-so-obvious angles that PAC providers need to be aware of and, if at issue, develop a means to address.

Read more.

Rehabilitation Robots Help With Therapy

Regency Nursing Centers loves evolving technologies in healthcare, since we’ve been at the forefront of innovation for years.

ReportsnReports.com offers “Rehabilitation Robots, Active Prostheses, and Exoskeleton Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2014 to 2020” research report in its store. The report is of 326 pages and has 154 industry tables and data figures. Rehabilitation robot market size at $43.3 million is expected grow dramatically to reach $1.8 billion by 2020. Market growth is a result of the effectiveness of robotic treatment of muscle difficulty. The usefulness of the rehabilitation robots is increasing. Doing more sophisticated combinations of exercise have become more feasible as the technology evolves. Patients generally practice 1,000 varied movements per session. With the robots, more sessions are possible.

Relearning of lost functions in a patient depends on stimulation of desire to conquer the disability. The independent functioning of patients depends on intensity of treatment, task-specific exercises, active initiation of movements and motivation and feedback. Rehabilitation robots can assist with this task in multiple ways. Creating a gaming aspect to the rehabilitation process has brought a significant improvement in systems.

As patients get stronger and more coordinated, a therapist can program the robot to let them bear more weight and move more freely in different directions, walking, kicking a ball, or even lunging to the side to catch one. The robot can follow the patient’s lead as effortlessly as a ballroom dancer, its presence nearly undetectable until it senses the patient starting to drop and quickly stops a fall. In the later stages of physical therapy, the robot can nudge patients off balance to help them learn to recover.

Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the rehabilitation robots, active prostheses, and exoskeletons are used inside rehabilitation treatment centers and sports facilities providing rehabilitation for all patients with injuries or physical dysfunction

Very cool stuff!

Rehab Facility Near Bayshore Hospital, NJ

I was at Bayshore Hospital today.

Our World Class Nursing and Rehab Facility, Regency Park in Hazlet, NJ is located just several minutes away.

We have an excellent relationship with Bayhsore Hospital and they rely on us to provide their discharged patients with a robust and intensive Therapy program.

We never disappoint!

I took this photo of the hospital covered in snow!

Bayshore Hospital covered in snow.
Bayshore Hospital covered in snow.

Experience the Regency Halftime Show!!

I’m not into the vaunted Super Bowl halftime show.

Sounds crazy, I know.

The fact is, the halftime shows have been in the news these past several years for their sometimes racy and inappropriately themed performances ostensibly catered to “all ages.”

When there was the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” at the halftime show several years ago, parents were rightfully livid over the egregious mismanagement (before and after the malfunction) which exposed their children (quite literally – and figuratively too) to images better left for a far different venue.

Thankfully, – yes thankfully, we do not keep a television at home for our children to be exposed to the filth of immorality, indifference, murder and corruption that makes for today’s ‘viewing programs,’ so the superbowl and halftime show is immaterial and purely academic in my home.

But wait a second, I’ll be at Regency Park Nursing in Hazlet this Sunday!!

They have TV’s!

The latest Flat screens!

BIG ones!

Panasonic, Vizio, Samsung, you name it, we have it. The latest in LCD flat screen nirvana!!

Shall I watch the Superbowl and halftime show at Regency?

Will I experience a state of blissful ecstasy, rapture, contentment and delight watching the great Peyton Manning unload on those hapless Seahawks (there, you have my pick for what it’s worth!) on his way to a ring and an MVP trophy?


However, I’m gonna enjoy the Regency version of a “halftime show” first!

What in tarnation is a “Regency Halftime Show, you wonder?!”

Well, it looks virtually identical to the concert we hosted at Regency just this very afternoon!

Take a gander at our awesome FULL time “Regency Show:”

our performer!
our performer!
Our enthusiastic viewers!!
Our enthusiastic viewers!!