Regency Nursing Excels in Key Areas, According To Study

This past April 11, there was a webinar hosted by the American HealthCare association, whereby they identified seven elements which are common to the experience of every satisfied nursing facility customer.

The webinar leaders Stan and Chris Magleby (founder and CEO of Pinnacle quality insight) are no strangers to surveys, having conducted over 500,000 customer satisfaction phone surveys since 1996.

Their findings lend further credence to the growing stellar reputation of the Regency Nursing & Rehab facilities in New Jersey, as being amongst the finest skilled care providers in the country.

The seven identified elements are as follows:

  1. Treat everyone with importance. This encompasses everything from knowing a patient and/or resident’s name, to being genuinely interested in their care plan and welfare. At Regency Nursing facilities in New Jersey, we take exceptional pride in our unsurpassed commitment to the welfare of our patients and residents and we are on a first name basis with every one of them and their extended families.
  2. Explain what you will do, are doing, what you did and what you expect to do. Be proactive about involving the patient in his or her care plan. This includes everything from a Certified Nurse Assistant explaining why she is leaving a pitcher of water in the room, to explaining the more esoteric nuances of the patient’s Medicare coverage benefits.
  3. Exceed expectations. It’s no longer enough to be “good,” Magelby says. Consumers expect to get good care in a clean facility with good food. “We are looking for wow moments,” which can be a “long process of consistent behavior,” he says.
  4. Lose wait. Don’t keep people waiting long for call buttons to be answered, food to be delivered to their table, rooms to be prepared for admission, or phone inquiries to be picked up.
  5. Make lemonade from lemons. When negative things happen, look for the silver lining and the inevitable lessons to be learned and transform those experiences into something positive.
  6. Bragging right. Do not promote what you cannot deliver upon, but be extremely proud to highlight that which you excel in. At Regency Nursing & Rehab facilities, we are always proud to point to our many varied accomplishments, but we never rest upon our laurels and always seek to grow in new areas and tackle new frontiers.
  7. Invest in employees. Respect their need for the knowledge necessary to do their job, respect their feelings, respect their desire to have an impact and respect their workspace and time. At Regency Nursing & Rehab facilities, our employees are our biggest asset and we treat each and every one of them with the highest level of respect and appreciation for their work. The level of trust and support which we impart to our employee’s, is manifest and evident in the huge degree of motivation and compassion which they bring to their work. In the final analysis, the biggest beneficiaries of this exceptional dynamic are the patients and residents themselves.

Skilled Nursing in New Jersey For Alzheimer’s Patients

Regency Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers and Facilities in New Jersey, has garnered a well deserved reputation for the compassionate and dedicated treatment of their Alzheimer patients. Regency combines a holistic and rigorous approach to care, while infusing love and laughter into the lives of their patients and residents!  

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Regency Nursing - Where The Caring Comes To Life!
Regency Nursing – Where The Caring Comes To Life!

Alzheimer’s is a disease that attacks brain cells and results in impaired memory, thinking and behavior. Scientists are still not certain what causes Alzheimer’s. Family history and age have been identified as potential factors, however it is likely that a number of things contribute to it. Although there is no known cure for the disease, each year researchers are uncovering more clues and developing treatment options.

Medication and non-drug therapies are available to reduce some behavioral symptoms such as depression, sleeplessness and agitation.

Skilled Nursing Care for People with Alzheimer’s

A skilled nursing setting, provides the Alzheimer patient with compassionate and quality medical care. Resident rooms may be private or shared and some settings may have special units or wings that cater exclusively for persons with dementia. The number of staff to resident ratio will be different from place to place, as will the knowledge and training of staff in caring for a perosn with the disease. Regulated and licensed by the state and/or federal government, most skilled nursing facilities provide specific structured activities programs for their Alzheimer patients.

Upon admission into a skilled nursing home, the Alzheimer patient will be assessed. While encouraged to function at maximum abilities, they will not be expected to perform skills that they are no longer capable of. Settings of this type are appropriate for people with middle, late and end stages of the disease.

Compassionate Care From Passionate People – The Regency Formula!

Making our residents smile!I was conducting a tour with a colleague today at our beautiful Nursing & Rehab facility in Hazlet, NJ. The family is contemplating sending their ailing father from N.Y.C. for rehabilitation at our facility in New Jersey. They heard wonderful reviews regarding our quality of care and wanted to see it up close for themselves.

We are always excited for the opportunity to showcase our facility, because as much as we can describe the level of care we provide, it still pales in comparison with the real life illustration of that care in action when a family tours our facility!

The attention to detail and the devotion of our staff and nurses is reflected in the happy smiles of our patients and residents. I was therefore truly pleased when family member turned to me and remarked that he could actually discern the passion for their work evident on the faces of our staff!

To me, this thought sums up and quite succinctly, the quality of care that is the hallmark of every Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Center throughout New Jersey!

It is this type of “compassionate care from passionate people” that has earned us the highest 5 star ratings on every conceivable metric and has made us the envy of nursing facilities sate wide!