Mr. Gross Gets His Annual Flu Shot at Regency Grande, Dover, NJ

Whoever said that owners of skilled nursing and post-acute facilities “never involve themselves in the day to day activities” of their centers, never met our beloved Mr. David Gross.

Here he is just this week getting his free flu shot at Regency Grande Nursing and Post-Acute Rehabilitation Center.

It is an annual occurrence for Mr. Gross to receive his flu shot together with our Regency staff (and he insists on waiting in line like everyone else).

Taking “true ownership” has meanings on multiple levels.

Mr. Gross is a true owner and that’s why we respect him so much!

Regency Nursing Centers provides FREE annual flu shots to our staff

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Left: Mr. Gross gets his annual flu shot at Regency circa 2013. Right: Mr. Gross gets his annual flu shot at Regency, September 2020

Defining Excellence

Decades of Excellence!
Decades of Excellence!

One of the best compliments a proprietor can receive is the silent testimonial of a consistent customer. Someone who frequents an establishment over a lengthy period of time is typically a happy customer, since we assume they keep coming back because they are satisfied.

If this is true, then by extension, the penultimate compliment one can receive is to have the same customer affirm (and confirm) their happiness with a ringing, vocal endorsement of the establishment. Now, the proprietor needn’t assume because they have the facts.

I just got a call this morning from a family who is interested in our Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation facility because they had a friend who was with us for rehabilitation back in the 1990’s and was thrilled with our program!

In the 1990’s I was a young man who was still too immature to get married.

To receive a phone call from someone who validates our entire organization with a declarative endorsement of consistent excellence spanning decades, is incredibly exciting and exhilarating.

Regency Nursing hasn’t changed its focus. Our overarching philosophy has been the pursuit of excellence in every facet of healthcare.

Our relentless drive to achieve perfection is as old as our organization. It has been this way from day one and we continue to embrace the evolution of all technologies and medical advancements to grow and adapt with the changing times.