Regency Grande in Dover, Welcomes A War Veteran To Our Family!

Regency Grande In Dover is proud to welcome a very special person to our community!

About Dale

Dale Giambattista joined the Navy when he was seventeen years old. He was in the Navy for six years and two months. Mr. Gaiambattista was in World War Two and he said he was “stationed all over.” He said his favorite memory about his time in the Navy was when his boat stopped at an island in the Pacific Ocean. He said his crew spent the day swimming in the clear water and watching all the fish. He talked about how that  day was a great day for him and his crew. Mr. Giambattista said he met his wife while he was in the Navy and they spent a wonderful 51 years together.

Dale, it is an honor and a privilege for us to welcome you to the Regency Grande family.


Regency Heritage in Somerset Honors A Special Veteran!

With Memorial Day behind us, we are still enjoying the day to day privilege of caring for our exceptional war heroes and veterans!

Tonight, I’d like to highlight one such special individual who resides at Regency Heritage Nursing and Rehabilitation nestled in the heart of the Somerset Woods on a tranquil campus.

Honoring Mr. James Berecsky

Mr. Berecsky fought in the D Day battle in 1944! In fact, he fought for our country for 4 years of his life.

We appreciate his tireless efforts in support  of our United States Armed Forces.

His dedication to our country and its military is commendable and and we pay special tribute to him for his Military Service to America.

Mr. Berecsky is a pleasure to have in our facility and has been residing at Regency Jewish Heritage for 4 years now and has just recently celebrated his birthday on May 27.

He is now 98 years young and will soon join our ranks of centenarians!!!

He recently shared with us his magic elixir of good health!

He told us that the secret to living longer is “exercise, eat, watch tv and sleep!”

His favorite activities are word games and trivia and he is very competitive when he is engaged in activities with his colleagues and peers.

We are honored to call him FAMILY!

Meet Regency Grande War Vet – James McElwee!


Mr. James McElwee

Mr. McElwee served in the Army from 1968 to 1972. The first two years were in Fort Dix as a baker and the second two years  were in Fort Hood as a cook.

In 1982 he joined the National Guard. He served in the National Guard for 33 years. He worked in the administrative office as a Computer Technician. For the last ten years of those 33 years that was his full time occupation.

Regency Grande salutes Mr. McElwee for his service and dedication to our Country!



Regency Grande War Vet: Kenneth Williams, An American Hero!

war vet

Today, I’d like to highlight one of our beloved residents at Regency Grande, Kenneth R. Williams!



Kenneth had a distinguished military career in defense of our country.

Some highlights:

  • August 17, 1942 – enlisted in the Navy in NYC
  • Sept.  19, 1942 – Finished boot camp in Newport, Rhode Island
  • Oct 1, 1942 – Attended Hospital Corpsman School, Portsmouth, VA
  • Oct 17, 1944 – departed Seattle Wa. for Pearl Harbor with USS Hull DD350
  • Oct. 23, 1944 – Arrived at Pearl Harbor, USS Gregory operated with an aircraft carrier for 3 months.
  • Feb 1, 1945 – while cruising aboard his military ship (EM-2 Peterson G.V.), Kenneth fell overboard as the ship was making 25 knots! He was recovered, of course.
  • Was at Iwo Jima in March of 1945 and was credited with shooting down 1 aircraft, 3 guns, 1 tank, 2 vehicles and 2 drifting/floating mines.

Kenneth is a member of:

  • Iwo Jima Survivors Association INC.
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars – Life Member, Boontown Post 242
  • American Legion
  • Kamikaze Survivors Association
  • National Navy Memorial – Plank Owner – Washington D.C.
  • Tribute to a Generation Organization – Charter Member
  • National Association of Destroyer Veterans (Tin Can Sailors)
  • Tin Can Sailors of New Jersey.

Today, Kenneth calls Regency Grande Post-Acute Rehabilitation and Nursing Center his home and we are forever blessed to have him as one of our family.

God bless you Kenneth!

You are a true American Patriot and a true American Hero.

We salute you!


Regency Veteran Spotlight: Frank Disbrow, Regency Park, Hazlet

war vet

Today I’d like to highlight a very special and beloved resident of Regency Park Post-Acute Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

Frank Disbrow was born in Jersey City, NJ on July 17, 1938.


Frank served honorably as a Private in the U.S. Army from 1961-1963.

After his discharge, Frank engaged in various work opportunities, including supervising the mail room at the Bank of Brazil in N.Y.C. for 18 years.

Frank enjoys collecting DVD’s and likes to play bingo and poker (and engages in these activities very often at Regency Park)

Frank has been one of our beloved residents at Regency Park for close to 5 years and is still an active member of the American Legion, since joining back in 2010.

Regency Nursing and Post-Acute Rehabilitation Centers salutes Frank for his dedication and service to our Country!



Regency Grande In Dover Salutes Mr. Joe Devaney!

war vet

As part of our Regency spotlight on our War Veterans, Regency Grande Post-Acute Rehab and Nursing Center would like to highlight one of our exceptional residents to acknowledge and thank him for his service to our country!

Mr. Joe Devaney is an elegant and soft spoken man whose every word is meaningful, thoughtful and measured.


Joe isn’t one for bragging about his many sacrifices and accomplishments, but in discussing several of the highlights of his decorated service to our Country, here is what he did share:

Joe served in the US Army from 1943 until 1948.

While in the Army, Joe was a member of the 244th Port Company. He was involved in the invasion of 4 different islands in the South Pacific. In 1943 they invaded the island of New Guinea, In 1944 they invaded the island of New Britain, in 1944 they invaded the island of Biak and in January of 1945 they invaded the island of Luzon.

While on a small boat tied to the Ship ‘Liberty,’ the ship was hit by a Japanese bomber. This killed 15 of his crew members and a 15 pound barrel of fuel oil  landed on Joe’s clavicle. He spent 8 months in the hospital recovering.

Today, Joe spends his time enjoying the tranquil serenity and care at Regency Grande!

We feel truly blessed to call Joe FAMILY!

Godspeed Joe and thank you for your service!






Regency War Vet’s: Mr. Barry Alan Landy of Regency Gardens!

war vet

I’m proud to introduce a new blog category today!

This category will be dedicated to a monthly write up to highlight one of our beloved Regency residents who is a War Veteran!

Today, I’ll be highlighting Mr. Barry Alan Landy, who is a resident of Regency Gardens in Wayne, NJ!


Barry was born on 8/23/1936 in Reading, PA

He graduated from the Wharton’s School of Business and U-Penn with a Degree in Corporate Finance.

He served honorably in the US Marine Corps from 1958-62 and in the MC Reserves until 1966. His position was Infantry Officer Recon.

In his professional career, he delved into his passion for aviation and was first employed at Hanover airport and eventually became the owner of the Mustang Aviation flight school at Essex County Airport, in Caldwell, NJ.

Barry owned several old “warbirds,” – two SNJ5’s and also purchased the Corsair F4U-5N plane which you can see in the framed photo he is holding in the picture above.

In 1989, Barry topped off his collection with the purchase of a T-28C.

But a career in aviation was not without its hiccups either!

As part of Barry’s dream, he expanded the flight school to include helicopter instruction. However, on 8/22/02, while flying in a helicopter on a teaching run with one of his students, they were forced to crash land on the runway and Barry suffered several broken vertebrae and wound up in Morristown hospital before making a remarkable recovery.

Barry ultimately sold the flight school and remained on board (pun intended) as a flight instructor, before retiring.

In August of 2013 after suffering a stroke, Barry joined the Regency family of residents (and war veterans) and has been living with us happily, blessedly and blissfully, ever since!

Today, Barry enjoys showing pictures and memorabilia and regaling his peers and our staff and families, with nostalgic tales of bygone times!

Regency Post-acute Rehab and Nursing Centers is blessed and honored to call Mr. Barry Alan Landy, a part of the REGENCY FAMILY!