Regency Nursing Founder, David Gross Helps Secure Increased Yeshiva Funding

Regency Nursing Centers Founder and President, David Gross, has long spearheaded and championed many charitable initiatives for Jewish causes. This has always been a source of tremendous pride for us at Regency Jewish Heritage!

His latest successful initiative with the venerable Jewish institution, Agudath Israel of America, is no exception.

This article was recently published by Harry Glazer writing for the Jewish Voice.


Heroic Staff at Regency Nursing Centers, NJ

The staff at Regency Gardens in Wayne NJ received a heartfelt salute this week from local law enforcement. Watch the video below:

In addition, we received this heartfelt letter this week for Regency Jewish Heritage from a grateful family member:

This is Kathleen M.  You may remember me as I am the daughter of one of your former residents, T.E. who lived at your facility for 4-1/2 years, but passed away just two years ago in May of 2018 after a long battle with heart disease/stroke and vascular dementia.  I didn’t have your e-mail, but used the format for e-mail messages I still get from David Gross – I guess I never unsubscribed – but I enjoy hearing about what’s continuing to go on there and how your facility, specifically, is managing the virus.

With everything going on in the world and the nursing homes being hit hard by the COVID-19 virus – patients and employees alike, I wanted to express my thanks and compassion to the nurses, doctors, aides, LPN’s, CNA’s and all the staff.  I understand that many of those front line workers were affected personally by the virus, but came back to their jobs after they had recovered. There were so many caring people that worked at the Regency Heritage facility in Somerset, NJ when my father was there.  There were so many of them that made his life better and more joyful at the end of his life.  I know that it isn’t an easy job to go to every day and sometimes there were not enough hours in the day or enough hands to help with all of the residents’ needs. I wanted to thank them for caring for my dad with so much compassion and wanted to give them and everyone working there now a shout out – something to let them know they matter and that the work that they were doing every day was so very, very important.

Thank you for everything you and your staff do.


Regency Nursing Centers Meets with NJ Assemblyman Louis Greenwald

For Immediate Publication: 

Michael Gross, Regency Vice President of Business Development, met with New Jersey Assembly Majority Leader (D), Louis Greenwald, on November 13th, at Ceasars in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

This was for a special advocacy fundraiser benefit and Michael was there by personal invitation.

Assemblyman Greenwald has been a stalwart sponsor and a staunch supporter of numerous healthcare bills designed to benefit patients, consumers and healthcare providers.

His singular commitment to these exceptional ideals, has endeared him to the healthcare community and we all owe him a tremendous debt of gratitude.

Mr. Greenwald was delighted to hear from Michael regarding the excellent work Regency Nursing Centers does to provider world-class healthcare for our residents.

At the same time, Michael was thrilled to be able to thank the Assemblyman in person for his laudable efforts to improve the lives of New Jersey’s residents.

Left to Right: Assemblyman Greenwald (D), Michael Gross