My Visit to Meridian at Shrewsbury Rehabilitation Center

I had occasion today to visit the Meridian at Shrewsbury Subacute Nursing and Rehabilitation Facility in Shrewsbury New Jersey.

Meridian at Shrewsbury benefits from subacute discharges from the Riverview hospital in nearby Red Bank, New Jersey.

On my way in, a resident actually begged me for a cigarette outside the main door and right in front of a no-smoking sign. I thought that was cute (good thing I don’t smoke, so I was hardly helpful)!

I do think I’m spoiled at Regency and I’m not ashamed to admit it 😉 Our post acute care program is one of its kind in the Hazlet, Red Bank and Shrewsbury areas.

At Regency Park Nursing and Rehab right next door in Hazlet, our staff all wear perpetual smiles on their faces and are CONSTANTLY chipper! They really have no reason not to be smiling. They love Regency and Regency loves them in return. The residents and families love them and the staff love their residents and families right back – and fiercely so!

NOBODY does post-acute rehabilitation like we do!
We are AWESOME and our transitional care program is innovative and singular.

Sure it is convenient for me to say that, but the salient point is that the vaunted industry watchdog,, agrees with my assessment and there is no greater compliment than that!

Meridian Shrewsbury is a nice place (see the pictures below), but I’m used to nice places – after all, I live at Regency Park!

We get plenty patients from the Red Bank and Shrewsbury areas who come to us just ten minutes away in Hazlet for our unrivaled rehab program and our fantastic amenities.

If you or your loved one is in need of rehab after a stay at Riverview Hospital in Red Bank, come visit Regency Park in Hazlet, NJ.

9 out of 10 people will choose Regency Park in my experience.
The 10th person will choose Regency too he just doesn’t know it yet!

“We’ll keep the light on for you” (pun not intended, since Motel 6 does not hold a candle to us).

Regency Park, Hazlet, NJ
Regency Park, Hazlet, NJ
Meridian at Shrewsbury
Meridian at Shrewsbury
Shrewsbury Meridian dining area
Shrewsbury Meridian dining area
Meridian Shrewsbury facade
Meridian Shrewsbury facade
Meridian Shrewsbury
Meridian Shrewsbury

Regency Nursing & Rehab Centers Receives Accolades During Hurricane Sandy

During the recent Hurricane Sandy which wrought devastation across a large swathe of the Tri Sate Area, the Regency Nursing and Rehab Centers across New Jersey received numerous accolades from all sectors of the healthcare industry for their incredible handling of the crisis.

In fact, Regency Nursing Centers in Hazlet and Wayne New Jersey were specifically recognized by the local hospitals for admitting countless evacuees, which was further facilitated by the relaxation of the CMS guidelines.

Bayshore Hospital in the Holmdel/Hazlet area of New Jersey singled out the Regency Park Nursing and Rehab Center located on Highway 35, for their invaluable assistance in accepting and caring for the many patients who were in desperate need of medical care and shelter.

Of the several nursing facilities in the area, including Bayshore Healthcare, Arnold Walter, Laurel Bay and Care One in Holmdel, Regency Park stood out as a beacon of help and assistance during this time of need.

The compassionate and enthusiastic support which they extended to the local hospitals went above and beyond all expectations and was greatly appreciated!

In addition, the Regency Nursing Centers were very pro-active in providing their concerned families with real time updates via email regarding the condition of their loved ones and the precautionary steps being taken to ensure the safety and security of the patients and residents.

For more information on Regency Nursing Centers, visit their website at:

Regency Nursing Hosts Annual BBQ Celebration!

Submitted for publication by: Marie Barnes, Corporate Marketing and Public Relations Director, Regency Nursing Centers, New Jersey.

Hundreds of family members and friends gathered for a fun-filled Annual Family BBQ hosted at Regency Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, 3325 Highway 35, Hazlet, NJ.  This year’s event was held on Sunday, September 9th, to provide all our residents and patients a wonderful afternoon, filled with their loved ones, good food, and lots of smiles.  This year the event also fell on Grandparent’s day, a fitting day to visit and celebrate with that very special family member. 

A delicious buffet barbecue luncheon was served, outside in the facility’s park, situated on the side of the building.  Joey Sudyka provided live entertainment, dancing, ice cones, games, moon walks, and plenty of entertainment for the broad spectrum of ages that attended.  While the day is planned for all the patients and residents, along with their family members, the staff enjoys bringing their family for a delightful afternoon.  All that enter the doors of Regency Park feel the warm, family atmosphere on a daily basis.

Pictured, is the family of Judah Gutwein, Admissions Director at the facility, after the children had their faces painted with their special character, done by the face painters at the event.


Pictured is the family of Italia Marinella, resident at Regency Park, who gathered to spend a wonderful afternoon with their loved one!
Director of Nursing, Beverly Sevilleno, with her daughter, also enjoy the festivities!
Pictured from left to right, is Corporate Administrator, Marty Bengio, with two of his daughters, Administrator, Joseph Bernfeld, along with Judah Gutwein, his wife and two of their children.


A wonderful day was had as well by Sara Mizrachi and her family who have enjoyed attending this event since Sara became a resident!

For further information, please contact 732-264-5800, or visit us a