Regency Nursing & Rehab Centers Receives Accolades During Hurricane Sandy

During the recent Hurricane Sandy which wrought devastation across a large swathe of the Tri Sate Area, the Regency Nursing and Rehab Centers across New Jersey received numerous accolades from all sectors of the healthcare industry for their incredible handling of the crisis.

In fact, Regency Nursing Centers in Hazlet and Wayne New Jersey were specifically recognized by the local hospitals for admitting countless evacuees, which was further facilitated by the relaxation of the CMS guidelines.

Bayshore Hospital in the Holmdel/Hazlet area of New Jersey singled out the Regency Park Nursing and Rehab Center located on Highway 35, for their invaluable assistance in accepting and caring for the many patients who were in desperate need of medical care and shelter.

Of the several nursing facilities in the area, including Bayshore Healthcare, Arnold Walter, Laurel Bay and Care One in Holmdel, Regency Park stood out as a beacon of help and assistance during this time of need.

The compassionate and enthusiastic support which they extended to the local hospitals went above and beyond all expectations and was greatly appreciated!

In addition, the Regency Nursing Centers were very pro-active in providing their concerned families with real time updates via email regarding the condition of their loved ones and the precautionary steps being taken to ensure the safety and security of the patients and residents.

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