Regency Nursing Sets Trends!

Dare to be Different!
Dare to be Different!

Yesterday, I had occasion to be in Brooklyn N.Y.

There is a great park in Bklyn called Prospect Park. The park features a 3.5 mile running/cycling loop set around a beautiful expanse of greenery, a lake and a zoo.

I don’t often run in Prospect Park, but on this occasion I was in Bklyn anyway, so I headed to the park for a 10 mile run (3.5 revolutions around the park).
When I got there (I ran over) I was already ‘zoned in’ and unwittingly started running against the (oncoming runners) traffic instead of running together with the traffic.

I don’t usually do this because it is typically contraindicated and bothersome to the oncoming runners (especially in close quarters with many runners in the lanes). However, this time there was plenty of room for everyone and by the time I realized I was running the wrong way, I was too ‘locked in’ to stop and turn around.
So here I am zipping around against the traffic and watching people running towards me as I was running towards them. It was interesting to see the expressions of determination and exertion etched upon their faces.

Then I thought to myself, at Regency Nursing Centers, we also run against the traffic at times. 

We set the trends and we dare to be different. When we embrace a new technology and medical innovation to benefit our patients and residents, we are always the visionary organization to take the plunge (always after careful research and deliberations).
Because we are successful, everyone else looks to imitate and copy (success breeds copycats).

We are proud to run against the traffic in order to benefit our patients and their families.

Funny thing is when the traffic sees us speed by, takes notice and tries to make an unsuccessful U-turn to follow suit in our direction!

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