Regency Jewish Heritage: A Home For All Faiths!

Regency Jewish Heritage
Regency Jewish Heritage

In the heart of Somerset NJ, nestled amongst acres of beautifully manicured lawns, lush vegetation, pathways, gazebos, nooks and crannies and magnificent waterfalls, is the Regency Jewish Heritage Postacute Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Regency Heritage is a facility of breathtaking beauty and elegance. In fact, one would think they were in a 5 star hotel when entering the lobby of this building.

There is even a museum on the premises of ancient and valuable silver religious artifacts and Menorahs.

The walls of Regency Heritage are lined with expensive art, Art Nouveau sconces and other expensive designs and décor.

Just a gorgeous place!

So who actually lives and rehabilitates at Regency ‘Jewish’ Heritage?

Truthfully, the name is a bit of a misnomer.

Regency Jewish Heritage has been a staple in the Somerset community for many years. Founded originally as a Jewish home for the Aged and replete with a magnificent synagogue and kosher food to tickle the most discerning taste buds, this facility has evolved to become the ‘go to place’ for seniors of all faiths and denominations.

No matter the religious orientation, Regency Heritage is considered today, to be the best rehab and nursing facility in the area, bar none. At any given time, Regency is host to happy and thriving seniors of the Catholic, Jewish, Protestant and other faiths and backgrounds.

Regency Jewish Heritage cares for every patient and resident with singular skill and compassion regardless of their faith and religious background.

“You don’t have to be Jewish to love life and rehab (the golden years) at Regency Jewish Heritage!”

I would know since I work in the Admissions Department at Regency and meet with families of all religious stripes and colors each and every day!

Call us for a tour. YOU WILL BE THRILLED!

I promise.

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