Say Thank You!

Sometimes a small measure of kindness can immeasurably enrich ones life.

About a month ago, I toured with a delightful family, who expressed an interest in Regency Nursing.

The admissions team members at Regency Nursing Centers are not only compassionate, we are also appreciative. We know to inquire as to the source of a family’s interest. While more and more families are finding us online (just as you are), many are still become familiar with us through the good ole’ traditional word of mouth!

This family was referred to us by the cashier at the gift shop in one of the hospitals in our area! The woman had heard nothing but good things about Regency Nursing Centers and was behind the counter one day when this distraught family member walked in. The family member confided in her how she was beyond depressed with her Mom’s condition and hospitalization and that the hospital social workers were beginning to exert tremendous pressure on her to discharge Mom to a certain subacute rehab facility.

The woman didn’t know what to do and where to turn.

This kindhearted cashier told the woman about our great program and encouraged her to pay us a visit for a tour.
I subsequently toured with the woman and our Regency facility sold itself.
Her Mom is currently with us for rehab and is doing exceptionally well.

I tried to visit the cashier on several occasions to thank her personally. Each time, she was away.This morning I tried again and she was there!
I reminded her of her kindness and thanked her profusely and with all of my heart.

She was so taken by my desire to express my personal thanks. She started to cry and told me how she is a devoutly religious woman who always looks to help people in times of need. For her, this small act of kindness was no big deal and yet, she’d never have known what a positive impact she made, but for the fact that I took the time to come thank her.

I’ve said this so many times and it has become a personal creed and has always definedthe Regency (personal) touch: if somebody does you a good turn, return the favor and express your thanks.

A mentor of mine once explained the meaning of saying a simple thank you.
Thank you is similar sounding to ‘think you’ – and he believed by design.
Many times, when we express our thanks, we find ourselves in a position where we are unable to reciprocate in the same manner to the individual whose kindness we benefitted from.
So we say ‘thank you’ instead. We are telling that person that with all of our mind and heart, we deeply ‘think’ and ‘thank’ the person for his measure of kindness.

Regency is the epitome of kindness.
Kindness towards staff, residents and families.

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