At Regency Park On Super Bowl Sunday!

Good morning!

Here I am at beautiful Regency Park on this Super Bowl Sunday morning.

The building is quiet and peaceful as folks get ready to take on the day.
Families will arrive in a few hours to spend the day with their loved ones.
The building looks great, smells great and is ready for another beautiful Sunday of good cheer and festivities.


Across the street at the iconic Park east restaurant and bar, they are also getting ready to tackle what will no doubt be a busy day for them as well. Park East has been around for a very long time and has a well established clientele of dedicated customers from the surrounding areas.
In several hours, folks will begin streaming in to their establishment to watch the full day Super Bowl coverage on one of their many screens.

Iconic Regency Park Nursing Center.
Iconic Park East Restaurant.

I am struck by the irony of how different our two businesses are and yet we both act as place marks for each other (“Oh, so you guys are located right across from the Regency Park? Sure I know where you are! and visa versa).

I’m thrilled to be here on this day!


Regency Park on this glorious Sunday!
Regency Park on this glorious Sunday!


Park East Restaurant and Bar on this Sunday Morning.
Park East Restaurant and Bar on this Sunday Morning.

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