We Salute Our Regency Nursing Corporate Headquarters!

My Dad is fond of saying that “Genetics is an amazing thing.”

I’m actually the spitting image of my Dad and we share many of the same tendencies, idiosyncrasies and the like, so I know what he’s talking about.

Those who share genetics will often have much more in common than their obvious DNA.

In a similar vein, it can be said that 3rd party billing companies are just as predictably identical, repeatable and ‘genetically’ similar (so to speak) to one another. In fact, to extend this euphemism further, I’d say they all share the same ‘genetic pre-disposition.’

In my view, their most obvious similarity is that they all stink.

Outsourcing your customer support and billing to a 3rd party effectively ensures that you are placing people without any vested interest in charge of your bottom line and in charge of your customer satisfaction! To me (and many others), this is a recipe for disaster.

The call center in Banglore, Karnataka doesn’t really care much about your money or your customer.

Of the many diverse Regency Highlights to brag about, we take particular pride in our awesome IN-HOUSE corporate office, located in Lakewood NJ.

You won’t find a more talented, dedicated and compassionate staff anywhere else.

They are intimately invested in Regency, which means they are extremely dedicated to our ‘bottom line’.

In our Regency lexicon and tradition, our “bottom line” translates into our families and patients first and foremost!

When Lakewood deals with our families, they aren’t just numbers and figures, but real people with real needs and they are treated with respect and compassion.

When families call Lakewood, it is immediately discernible that they have NOT reached a call center in Jakarta, Indonesia, but have actually reached dedicated Regency employees who are readily familiar and care deeply.

Regency facilities statewide, are not only buffered by their support teams at the Lakewood corporate headquarters, but are actually given the tools for success!

To all of our Lakewood specialists, we salute you!

Regency Corporate Headquarters: An 'Excellent' piece of our elaborate puzzle!
Regency Corporate Headquarters: An ‘Excellent’ piece of our elaborate puzzle!


In other news, did you know that the Superbowl is this Sunday?

I’m not sure I mentioned it previously? That’s funny, right!

Yes, it is this Sunday at MetLife Stadium in Rutherford, NJ.

I will be at Regency Park in Hazlet NJ, this Sunday at 9am. If you wish to drop by for a football chat or to discuss your loved one, please visit me. You’ll have plenty of time before kick off.

In fact, you can choose to watch the game right here with your loved ones, you’ll be treated to a most rewarding viewing experience!
You may even notice our residents dressed for the occasion! Hey, maybe one of our Regency couples will be dressed similar to this amazing couple!

A 'couple for the ages'!!
A ‘couple for the ages’!!

I’m excited for y’all and our resident sports expert (our lovable Maintenance Director, Bob Chadwick) already has his favorite pick in place!

Gearing up for the big day with Bob!!
Gearing up for the big day with Bob!!

Have a great, stupendous, marvelous, superb, enjoyable, healthy, rewarding weekend!!

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