You Too Can Drive In Your Sleep!

One of the lesser known illustrations of our beloved Regency Founder’s creative genius, is the time he partnered with auto manufacturer, Tesla, to offer $1000 in cash rewards.

Some of you may remember this, though I’m sure most of you don’t.

I actually blogged it here.

Sometime after that there was a ton of hype about how Tesla would soon allow drivers to fall asleep at the wheel (literally).

I blogged that as well, right here.

So I wasn’t that surprised when I read an article by Dan Fallon this morning where he mentions this fellow who was just caught on video sleeping while his Tesla was in motion!

Dan writes:

“The dream of the self-driving car is that we can sit back, relax and do anything — sleep, for instance — while our cars take us where we need to go. We’re not there yet (though we’re getting close), and Tesla’s Autopilot is designed to be used with the driver’s supervision, but that didn’t stop this Tesla owner from embracing the future and taking a quick snooze.”

Wanna see the video?

See it embedded below, or click on this link to watch it on YouTube.

It already has approximately 700k views.

I must tell you, at Regency we are so good at Healthcare, we could do it (figuratively) in our sleep too!

Of course, we never would.

That’s precisely why Regency is the place “Where The Caring Comes To Life!” (emphasis on life…)

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