I Finally ‘Made’ It!

For some folks, this moment comes as the equivalent of a sudden blast of sunshine on a dark and dreary day.

Perhaps they just completed their “bucket list” with a ride on the Kingda Ka at Great Adventures?

kingda ka

(I use that example, simply because I recently made the trip with my children and chose to show my bravado by riding this gargantuan suicide death spiral with them. My cerebellum is still swimming inside my cranium as a result. Any ride that reaches speeds of 128 miles per hour and a vertical death drop of 465 feet, isn’t for adults)

For me, my “I Made It!!” moment wasn’t quite as spectacular.

i made it-1

I knew I made it, when an industry colleague recently informed me that one of my Healthcare articles had been ‘re-blogged’ by a prestigious industry publication with proper attribution and with quotes of several of my observations.


I made it.

Shall I forget my bucket list now?


Click on the snapshot below (or on this link) to see the article I’m talking about:

i made it


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