“The Magic is in the Make!”

I just returned from a visit to my dear friend and a true friend of the Regency Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Hazlet, Dr. Mohamed Meleis.

We had an excellent discussion about the unparalleled care and devotion of the Regency Nursing Centers across New Jersey.

Dr. Meleis made an excellent observation. He pointed out that although many nursing and rehab centers look similar to a layperson, it is far from a ‘once size fits all’ equation. The important considerations and variables which sets apart a stellar facility from an inferior one, is something which can be quantified and one need only look a bit beyond the external ‘façade’ to discern the truth.

This is so true and relevant across a broad spectrum of industries and organizations.

I was reminded of the iconic legend of the Diamond industry who coined the term “The Magic is in the Make” to quantify the difference between the beauty of a brilliant ideal cut diamond and the glassy and dull appearance of a poorly cut stone.

Two diamonds mined from the same earth and polished by a diamond cutter can look significantly different from each other based upon the ‘cut quality’ of each stone.

A poorly cut diamond will look like frozen spit even in direct sunlight while a beautifully cut stone will sizzle with brilliance in any and all lighting conditions.

The man behind the slogan was the late William Goldberg who had a personal connection with my family.

Mr. William 'Bill' Goldberg
Mr. William ‘Bill’ Goldberg

Bill Goldberg was a leader of Manhattan’s diamond district and was known both for dealing in some of the biggest diamonds sold in modern times and for trying to lift his industry’s historic veil of secrecy.

Modern Jeweler magazine in 1990 said Mr. Goldberg was the first gem dealer to find fame while remaining part of 47th Street in NYC.

Diamond District Street named for Bill Goldberg
Diamond District Street named for Bill Goldberg

Mr. Goldberg served three terms as president of the Diamond Dealers Club, where billions of dollars worth of diamonds are exchanged every year on the strength of a handshake and the Yiddish expression ”mazel und brucha,” meaning luck and a blessing.

Bill Goldberg would have made the same observation regarding Regency Nursing and Post-Acute Rehabilitation Centers in NJ!

At Regency Nursing we also have an iconic industry legend who has created the framework of senior nursing and rehab, considered to be the penultimate model for the Nursing Industry.

This individual has set the standard and consistently raises the bar ever higher as anyone who tours one of our facilities can attest.

This man has coined his own slogan for Regency Nursing Centers: we are the place “Where Caring Comes to Life!”

This man is our Founder and President, Mr. David Gross.

Mr. David Gross - Regency Founder and President
Mr. David Gross – Regency Founder and President

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