Monorails at Regency Nursing and Rehab Centers!

At Regency Nursing Centers in NJ, our reputation for sparing no expense to increase the quality of life for our residents is well known.

There are constant upgrades made to the aesthetics and amenities at each of our Regency facilities. Whether we are installing the latest flat screen TV’s for our residents, or purchasing new post-acute rehab equipment for our state of the art gyms and therapy centers, there is always something going on.

At the moment though, we do not have an operating Monorail in any of our facilities statewide!

A monorail, you say?!

Yes, a monorail!

Google has one!

That’s right! My good buddy, Barry Schwartz of SEO Roundtable fame, just blogged here regarding the new Monorail installed at the Google Australia offices!

The story of how this came to pass is actually quite funny! You can ready all about it here.
Basically, one of the Google employees put in a ticket to request a monorail and the Google people said ok!

Here is a picture of this awesome machine and a link to the video of how it was delivered and actually installed!

The Google Monorail
The Google Monorail

Monorail Video installation

This actually doesn’t surprise me much, since I had the opportunity once to visit Google headquarters in NYC. I was invited to a Search Engine Conference there and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I stepped out of the elevators! It was surreal and almost like walking into a time warp!

Grown male and female employees were tooling around the floor on motorized ‘google scooters’ playing with bongos and toys in various enclosed playpens for adults, so that they could ‘unwind’ during lunch etc. There were unconventional gadgets and gizmos everywhere and the compartmentalized cubicles were retro fitted with stuffed google animals and various nick nacks hanging from the ceilings etc.

Everyone was genuinely happy and the environment was awesome (albeit very ‘geekish’).
I later learned that this atmosphere is created and encouraged by design because it heightens employee creativity and freedom of expression which is the backbone of the Google business model.

At Regency Nursing Centers, we also encourage creativity amongst our employees when such endeavors benefit the wellbeing of our patients.
We are always updating and upgrading and our employees are also always happy.

At Regency Nursing and Post-Acute Rehab Centers, we also have monorails installed! They are our dedicated staff who personally chauffer around all of our patients and residents whenever they need assistance!

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