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Alzheimer’s and Normal Aging: What’s the Difference

You walk into a room, but forget why you entered it. You struggle to find a common word. Moments like these can make you worry that you have Alzheimer’s. How can you tell? Here’s a short guide to knowing the … Continue reading

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Eat Your Leafy Greens

We’ve long known the health benefits of eating green leafy vegetables. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals that help you lose weight, fight cancer, and keep your heart healthy. And now they can save your memory too. Green Leafy Vegetables Improve … Continue reading

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Skilled Nursing in New Jersey For Alzheimer’s Patients

Regency Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers and Facilities in New Jersey, has garnered a well deserved reputation for the compassionate and dedicated treatment of their Alzheimer patients. Regency combines a holistic and rigorous approach to care, while infusing love and laughter … Continue reading

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