The Beauty is in the Details!

They say “beauty is in the details”.

At Regency Nursing Centers, our team has cultivated a tradition of caring and compassion which is manifest in the myriad details applied to our facilities and programs.

The examples are numerous, but the message is always the same.

We are totally consumed by the desire to provide our residents and their families the highest caliber of care, anywhere, period.

Our programs are fluid as they are diverse. We cater to every whim, every activity, every taste, every religion, every denomination and every expectation!

Do you wish to see a few examples of our attention to detail?

No problem.

Take a look at these two pictures.

These pictures were taken in our gorgeous Regency Heritage facility in Somerset, NJ.

compassionate wall art!
compassionate wall art!

The picture above depicts a custom made and pricey wall art which we affixed to a stairwell door in a portion of our facility to compassionately deter Alzheimers and dementia patients from attempting to exit. Is this our only mechanism? Of course it isn’t. Rather, it is an additional compassionate and meaningful detail we thought of, to protect the dignity of our residents.

Take a look at the next picture.

Family meeting room. Talk about beauty!
Family meeting room. Talk about beauty!

See this magnificent room. This room could pass for a dining area in the most opulent home, yes?

This is actually a family meeting room, which we custom built in our Regency Heritage nursing facility, to allow for private and intimate family gatherings with their loved ones. Whether to celebrate a milestone birthday (we have numerous happy and healthy centenarian residents living at our various Regency nursing homes) or to grieve in private, this is a detail we thought of, in order to go the extra mile.

Finally, here is a declarative statement of fact for you to ponder (and research):

At Regency Nursing Homes across new jersey, we go the extra mile for our residents and families.

Call us to schedule a tour and see for yourself!

Smoke and Mirrors

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, will you help my mom recover from her fall?”

Mirror responds:

"Smoke and Mirrors"
“Smoke and Mirrors”

“Um, no, not really, I’m just a mirror you see, find a competent nurse, it should be she.”

I made that one up all by myself!

Now that I’ve got your attention (which is why I digress), let’s leave the mirror alone for a moment.

If you’ve discovered this blog, chances are you are researching a skilled nursing and rehab facility for placement of your loved one. Perhaps you’ve found us tangentially or perhaps by design.

Either way, I’d like to empower you regarding nursing and rehab facilities in general and Regency nursing and rehab facilities in particular.

There are many subjective and objective considerations when researching a nursing facility for a loved one.

In any objective lexicon, quantifiable and measurable components, like standard of care, skilled nursing, therapy disciplines, and level of compassion, are of paramount importance.

After all, these are the crucial foundation blocks upon which a successful rehab regimen is built.

Far more subjective (albeit with import and value), are your deliberations concerning aesthetics, amenities and the like. What may appeal to you might very well be a turn off to the next person, etc.

At Regency nursing and rehab centers, we take your subjective and objective considerations very seriously.

It is why we offer the very best in healthcare and rehab, combined with stately and pristine facilities, located on lush properties.

Our facilities in Wayne, Dover, Somerset, Lakewood and Hazlet, are all treasured gems within their respective communities and we stand apart from each of our competitors as an oasis of tranquility. Families love our unique and homey ambiance, our open areas and parks, our therapy programs and culinary skills to tease even the most discriminating palette.

However, we are also mindful and respectful of the fact, that your personal and subjective preferences may sometimes lead you in a different direction.

Perhaps another facility in your estimation has a nicer lobby? A contemporary look? Nicer paintings? Shiny mirrors? Gleaming chandeliers?

Perhaps it’s the other way around? Maybe our paintings and mirrors appeal to you?

I would submit to you that paintings and mirrors cannot heal your loved one. A five star Hilton hotel, with all of its varied amenities, cannot heal your loved one.

Indeed, it isn’t the beauty of our facilities that mends the physical, psychological and emotional ailments of your loved one.

Rather, it is our objectively superior level of care and compassion which carries the day.

In the all important areas where it matters most, nobody competes with us!

So the next time you ask the flashy mirror on the lobby wall a question like that, be prepared to hear the unvarnished truth. The mirror is nice, but only the nurse will heal.

Where many of our competitors provide “smoke” as an accent to their “mirrors,” we enhance and legitimize our ‘mirrors’ with stellar nursing and care!

At Regency, we are the standard by which others measure themselves.

It is at Regency nursing centers where care and quality comes to life!