The Beauty is in the Details!

They say “beauty is in the details”.

At Regency Nursing Centers, our team has cultivated a tradition of caring and compassion which is manifest in the myriad details applied to our facilities and programs.

The examples are numerous, but the message is always the same.

We are totally consumed by the desire to provide our residents and their families the highest caliber of care, anywhere, period.

Our programs are fluid as they are diverse. We cater to every whim, every activity, every taste, every religion, every denomination and every expectation!

Do you wish to see a few examples of our attention to detail?

No problem.

Take a look at these two pictures.

These pictures were taken in our gorgeous Regency Heritage facility in Somerset, NJ.

compassionate wall art!
compassionate wall art!

The picture above depicts a custom made and pricey wall art which we affixed to a stairwell door in a portion of our facility to compassionately deter Alzheimers and dementia patients from attempting to exit. Is this our only mechanism? Of course it isn’t. Rather, it is an additional compassionate and meaningful detail we thought of, to protect the dignity of our residents.

Take a look at the next picture.

Family meeting room. Talk about beauty!
Family meeting room. Talk about beauty!

See this magnificent room. This room could pass for a dining area in the most opulent home, yes?

This is actually a family meeting room, which we custom built in our Regency Heritage nursing facility, to allow for private and intimate family gatherings with their loved ones. Whether to celebrate a milestone birthday (we have numerous happy and healthy centenarian residents living at our various Regency nursing homes) or to grieve in private, this is a detail we thought of, in order to go the extra mile.

Finally, here is a declarative statement of fact for you to ponder (and research):

At Regency Nursing Homes across new jersey, we go the extra mile for our residents and families.

Call us to schedule a tour and see for yourself!

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