Mr. Gross Gets His Annual Flu Shot at Regency Grande, Dover, NJ

Whoever said that owners of skilled nursing and post-acute facilities “never involve themselves in the day to day activities” of their centers, never met our beloved Mr. David Gross.

Here he is just this week getting his free flu shot at Regency Grande Nursing and Post-Acute Rehabilitation Center.

It is an annual occurrence for Mr. Gross to receive his flu shot together with our Regency staff (and he insists on waiting in line like everyone else).

Taking “true ownership” has meanings on multiple levels.

Mr. Gross is a true owner and that’s why we respect him so much!

Regency Nursing Centers provides FREE annual flu shots to our staff

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Left: Mr. Gross gets his annual flu shot at Regency circa 2013. Right: Mr. Gross gets his annual flu shot at Regency, September 2020