Superbowl Sunday at Regency!

“Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service.”
― Martin Luther King Jr. –

With the cacophony of excited talk surrounding the upcoming Superbowl (taking place in my back yard btw) there is much talk about ‘greatness!’
Greatness is the buzzword around the sports community. Whether the discussion is Peyton Manning and his spectacular offense, or the Seahwaks and their spectacular defense – the common denominator is their shared excellence and achievement of the pinnacle in sports milestones.

Greatness isn’t achieved overnight.

It requires laser sharp focus, utmost determination and an iron will to succeed. When there is talent in the mix, the results are even more robust and rewarding.

At Regency, we understand the concept quite well.

To our dear audience of families who religiously read this blog, I invite you to enjoy this upcoming Sunday with your loved one at one of our Regency facilities.
You well know, how much fun it will be to watch this event in the company of your beloved on our special BIG cutting edge flat screen TV’s installed for every patient!

Enjoy crisp digital imaging and great company in our oasis of warm and toasty rooms and common areas!

Remember to BYOP (bring your own popcorn)!

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