Special Valentine Gift Request For Regency Heritage Nursing Center, Somerset NJ!!

My colleague, Terri, just sent me this e-mail she received from a thrilled family! I’ve got no editorial commentary to spoil this pristinely beautiful email. I’m floating on a cloud after reading this letter and for all of you readers with a connection to Regency, I’m certain you will share my sentiment.

Email Subject:

“My Wife’s 2014 Valentine Present Request”

In 2009, I had a bad bike accident, breaking my pelvis, 7 left ribs & getting 11 stitches in my head. After a few days in a room off the emergency room at the hospital (they needed to monitor my condition very closely.), I was most fortunately sent to the Jewish Home for the Aged/ now known as Regency Nursing in Somerset to recover. From the labels in my clothes, I was in Room 1175, Goldfarb 1.

I recall my stay was several months & my departure was speeded by the absolutely superb staff in your Physical Therapy department. (I tried to work up to 4 hours a day & loved their encouragement & direction.)

Even so, I still couldn’t walk without a walker &, since we had stairs up into our nearby home, I couldn’t go home. Fortunately, we had a friend in a local volunteer ambulance company who had a stretcher. So he and several of his friends got me home, where an expert from the Visiting Nurses soon had me using my walker on the relatively quiet streets of our senior community.

When I was discharged, I received a superb, heavy white bathrobe with a colorful Regency Nursing & Rehab Center logo on one breast pocket. While I was recovering, my wife who teaches acquacise, swims & usually exercises several times a day if possible, used this bathrobe after her showers as it was far more absorbent & comfortable than any she had (& she looked fantastic in it!).

By the time I recovered enough to even think about a bathrobe, I found I had a new striped one (which weighed about half of what my beautiful white Regency one). Since it got me dry, with the help of a towel, I let my wife have my Regency beauty. A beauty for my beauty!!!

Just before my wife left on a business trip, her first of this new year, I asked her what she wanted for Valentine’s Day, which would be a few weeks after her return. Looking a little sheepish, she said what she really wanted, if she could have her heart’s desire, was another Regency bathrobe – a new one – to replace the one which had almost worn out from all its use, washes & dries, since it entered our home. It didn’t dry like it used to, wasn’t as comfortable to wear & didn’t look as spectacular as it had.

I recently called to inquire & it looks like my ‘bride’ of 10+ years may get her Valentine’s wish (& I may have the ‘glow of triumph’ about me for a while – most probably for several years if it lasts as well as its predecessor).

Best regards & thanks for your help in my recovery,

James D.




Would you like to see the robe which James was referring to (and I fully concur with his assessment :-)?

Here it is!

Exclusive Plush Regency Terri Robe!!
Exclusive Plush Regency Terri Robe!!


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