Experience the Regency Halftime Show!!

I’m not into the vaunted Super Bowl halftime show.

Sounds crazy, I know.

The fact is, the halftime shows have been in the news these past several years for their sometimes racy and inappropriately themed performances ostensibly catered to “all ages.”

When there was the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” at the halftime show several years ago, parents were rightfully livid over the egregious mismanagement (before and after the malfunction) which exposed their children (quite literally – and figuratively too) to images better left for a far different venue.

Thankfully, – yes thankfully, we do not keep a television at home for our children to be exposed to the filth of immorality, indifference, murder and corruption that makes for today’s ‘viewing programs,’ so the superbowl and halftime show is immaterial and purely academic in my home.

But wait a second, I’ll be at Regency Park Nursing in Hazlet this Sunday!!

They have TV’s!

The latest Flat screens!

BIG ones!

Panasonic, Vizio, Samsung, you name it, we have it. The latest in LCD flat screen nirvana!!

Shall I watch the Superbowl and halftime show at Regency?

Will I experience a state of blissful ecstasy, rapture, contentment and delight watching the great Peyton Manning unload on those hapless Seahawks (there, you have my pick for what it’s worth!) on his way to a ring and an MVP trophy?


However, I’m gonna enjoy the Regency version of a “halftime show” first!

What in tarnation is a “Regency Halftime Show, you wonder?!”

Well, it looks virtually identical to the concert we hosted at Regency just this very afternoon!

Take a gander at our awesome FULL time “Regency Show:”

our performer!

our performer!

Our enthusiastic viewers!!

Our enthusiastic viewers!!



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