Regency Nursing Remembers Hurricane Sandy

Good morning.

One year ago today, the devastating “Superstorm Sandy” was rapidly closing in on our neck of the woods. The barrier Islands were hit particularly hard with entire towns wiped out completely.

Regency Park Nursing in Hazlet NJ, found itself literally in the ‘eye of the storm’ When everything started going down quickly, Regency stepped up to the plate and was a beacon of light in our storm ravaged community.

Even as our electricity went down and we were forced to operate off of our generators, we took in multitudes of the displaced elderly from hospitals and local shelters.

CMS relaxed their 3 night hospital requirements and we worked overtime to accommodate the hospital overflow.

The Regency staff remained overnight for several days to ensure the smooth running of our facility.

In the aftermath of the storm, the accolades for Regency poured in from all sectors of the community and municipality.

Ill never forget how proud I was ( I blogged on it right here.).

I’m still proud.

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