Regency Nursing Centenarian Event Live Television Broadcast!

The fantastic celebration of our world breaking record of achievement has taken up wings of its own!

It seems nobody can get enough of our Largest Gathering of Centenarians Event which we hosted this year at Regency Heritage in Somerset NJ.

The news and media outlets keep covering our awesome achievement!

Just several days ago, we made it to the local TV station in New Jersey, with beautiful coverage and a video!

I actually videotaped the video and saved it to our YouTube account, so that when the Channel 12 video is ultimately removed, ours will remain in perpetuity!

Take a look at the video which I have embedded here and click also on the actual Channel 12 link below so that you can ‘facebook’ us with a like and add your comments on their webpage under my own.


Click here for full Channel 12 coverage and to post your comments

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