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Excellence; The Regency Standard!
Excellence; The Regency Standard!

I met with a family yesterday for a tour of our facility.
We sat and talked for awhile and at one point, the gentleman turns to me and asks me the million dollar question:

He says to me, “what about this job actually excites/motivates you?”

At a minimum, every employee working in any business or industry should have a ready response for a question like this. If an individual cannot articulate a proper response to a query like this, he/she needs to go back to the ‘drawing board’.

My response was to invoke the oft repeated quote from our visionary Founder and President, who once summed up his organizational philosophy when he said; “at Regency, we are passionate about caring for people.”

This succinct, yet powerful statement is the driving force behind my/our excitement and motivation.

We help people! We impact their lives and the lives of their loved ones in a most positive way! We offer them care, compassion and friendship during their most trying times. We treat them with the dignity and respect we would accord to our own loved ones, because each of them is indeed someone’s loved one!

At Regency Nursing centers, we fully recognize the role we play in caring for the individual. This is cause for tremendous pride, but also carries with it exceptional responsibility.
Our mandate is not to simply provide the requisite care, but to do so in a manner which allows our patients and residents to thrive.

When you are engaged in selling widgets, it is sometimes sufficient to be “second best.” Not all coffee makers are created equal and some people will say “coffee is coffee.”

Not so, when you are engaged in the business of caring for people. It is insufficient to be second best.
Second best, isn’t even second rate in Healthcare.

I recently saw an ad for a rehab facility in a prominent magazine, which touted the facility as being “recognized in N.Y.S. with an above average rating.”

This ‘promotion’ shocked me to the core! Is this a way of advertising your strengths?! Admitting that you are simply “above average” is adequate (perhaps) if you are selling ceiling tiles.

However, consider this; would you entrust your loved one to a neurosurgeon who is “above average?!” Indeed, would you consider an “above average” nursing facility as adequately suited to care for your own Mom or Dad?!

At Regency, we are proud to be excellent!
We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence.
Our excellence in care is what distinguishes us from amongst our competition and is the reason we are proud, excited and motivated employees.

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