Regency Nursing Centers Makes History!!!

Photoed are Hilda Lubetkin and her family. Left to right, daughter, Joan Lubetkin, Hilda Lubetkin, centenarian, standing to right is great-granddaughter Chloe Litt. Second row, daughter, Carole Koblentz, granddaughter Renee Litt and granddaughter, Pam Shlissel.

It is official!
Regency Nursing Centers has achieved a Guinness World Record for this event!
Here is the letter we received (our very own Marie Barnes, Marketing Director at Regency)


Dear Ms. Marie Barnes,

We are delighted to confirm that you have successfully achieved a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for ’Largest gathering of centenarians’. We would like to congratulate you on your record-breaking achievement. You are OFFICIALLY AMAZING.

Your official GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS certificate confirming your world record is being created and will be sent to you within ten working days.

Tzvi Gross also sent me this awesome link with coverage of our event.

Check it out!

Regency Rocks!!

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