How To Choose a Nursing Home

“The Only Thing to Fear, is Fear Itself”


My Friends,

Truer words were never spoken.

Fear in all of its permutations and manifestations is debilitating to both the body and spirit. When such fear is acute, it is even more crushing.

However, one positive and often unintended consequence is when it provides the impetus for personal introspection and growth.

I meet with plenty of families who are fearful. In fact, almost every family experiences some level of trepidation before placing a loved one in a nursing home.

They fear the unknown and they fear the fear itself!

This is completely normal.

I respect their fears and I am intensely mindful of it. I will cry with them and listen to their misgivings. I will feel the stirrings of shattered hearts ripped from its moorings.

..And then I will say this:

I promise to take care of your Mom, your Dad, your Spouse, as if he or she were my own.

We will respect their autonomy, be mindful of their dignity and love them as they are loved.

Regency Nursing Centers doesn’t spell the end of the road for anybody.

At Regency Nursing Centers, we are the place “Where Caring Comes to Life”

This isn’t simply a slogan, a tag line, or ‘cheap rhetoric’.

We live by this rule and it is what motivates us each and every day of the year.

I invite you to give us a call to experience the “Regency Difference” for yourself!

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