Meet “Joe O.” at Regency Grande in Dover

“A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.”
Charles Gordy

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”
William Arthur Ward

My morning runs often involve laps around a park close to my home. No traffic to worry about and easier for me to delve into the cosmos.

During these 6 am runs, I usually cross paths with a fellow who is apparently as zoned in and addicted as I am. We are both pacing about 7:30 minute miles. He is running in one direction and I am running in the other. On our first “run in” around the park, we have developed an almost cultish routine. Our eyes lock, there is an imperceptible nod and then he breaks out in a huge smile and wishes me a hearty “G’morning” before zipping by. My “run in” with him this morning was no exception.

I don’t know the man, what he does for a living, or where he lives, but in that one gesture of kindness, I feel as though we are old friends. On days that I don’t bump into him in the park, I feel as though I’ve been deprived of that goodness.

There is nothing like a smile to brighten the lives of those around you. Nobody likes to be around a dejected and depressed individual. Smiling people are kind to themselves and kind to others.

This is what I thought about this morning, which I would aptly apply to the great Joseph Olszewski, Administrator at the Regency Grande Nursing Center in Dover, NJ.
“Joe O.” as he is affectionately known, is a paragon of kindness, not only to his residents and their families, but also to his staff and personnel.
Joe has a long career in Healthcare and has become something of a Legend.

However, that isn’t what I admire most about him.
What I admire most, is his infectious smile!

His smile literally lights up a room. This is what I believe endears him to everyone he comes in contact with and is without a doubt one of the many highlights of the popular Regency Grande Rehabilitation facility in Dover, NJ! His smile alone draws people like a magnet.

A prominent industry insider once proclaimed with admiration that Regency Grande is like a “perfect symphony orchestra” where everything is in sync and in harmony.
While this is true, I would respectfully disagree with the analogy.
The next time you’re at a symphony, take a close look at the conductor. As talented at he might be, he’s always got his back to you! Furthermore, when he does turn around, he is never smiling.
Conversely, the “conductor” at Regency Grande Nursing and Rehab, is always turned towards his families and staff and he is ALWAYS SMILING!

In fact, I just bumped into Joe yesterday morning (no, he wasn’t running) and snapped this photograph.
Take a look at him in this picture and tell me what you see?

Left to Right: Joe Olszewski, Administrator, Carla Holton, Director of Admissions
Left to Right: Joe Olszewski, Administrator, Carla Holton, Director of Admissions, Maryleth Brescia, Dir. of Recreation

Regency Grande in Dover is lucky to have “Joe O.” as their Administrator and the families in the community who have loved ones at Regency, are even more blessed!

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