Best Post-Acute Care Center in Wayne, NJ

What is Post-Acute Care?

In a June 14, 2013 statement before the Committee on Ways and Means – Subcommittee on Health, – Jonathan Blum, Director, Center for Medicare Management, had this to say:

“Post-acute care is the skilled nursing care and therapy typically furnished after an inpatient hospital stay. It is provided in a variety of settings, including skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRFs), long-term care hospitals (LTCHs), and in patients’ homes by home health agencies (HHAs). Often provided with the goal of shortening a patient’s hospital stay, post-acute care is just one component of a broad care delivery continuum. Unfortunately, care across that continuum can be fragmented, as patients may pass through the care of multiple providers, and the providers may not consistently and accurately communicate information on the course of treatment with all those involved in the patient’s care. Additionally, providers face financial incentives that are not always well-aligned with the cost and the quality of patient care. Health care often is not delivered in the most efficient, clinically appropriate, and cost-effective care setting. Post-acute care, in particular, is often delivered in more intensive care settings where Medicare payments are higher, when effective and appropriate care can be delivered in a lower-intensity setting. Better management of post-acute care will be a key component to any successful effort to reform and improve the Medicare program.”

Regency Nursing Centers across New Jersey, have embraced the post acute care requirements, with a series of deliverables designed to provide a robust level of therapy and stringent nursing protocol at each of their facilities.

This transitional care model allows their patients to move smoothly from the acute hospital stay, to the Regency post-acute and sub-acute specialty care programs for maximum rehabilitation in a shortened period of time.

Nowhere is this more evident than at the Regency Gardens Post Acute Rehab Program. Regency Gardens is located on Hamburg Turnpike in Wayne, NJ and is a singular provider of post-acute rehabilitation in the area. There are other facilities in the area, like the Kindred LTAC and Preakness Nursing facilities. However, the type of post-acute care that has become the Regency Nursing trademark, is truly one-of-a kind.

Regency Nursing Centers has carved a niche post acute rehab program with an emphasis on providing targeted care to patients who are at greater risk for re-hospitalization due to certain clinical diagnosis.

While post acute rehab is typically synonymous with a rigorous and demanding therapy regimen, at Regency Gardens in Wayne NJ, they manage to bridge this element together with an unrivaled oasis of picturesque beauty and comfort!
You will not only rehab in earnest, but also in style and serenity!

Their Post Acute Center in Wayne, NJ is set on a sprawling complex of picturesque gardens, waterfalls and pathways. When you aren’t occupied with their world class therapy, you may rest in comfort in one of their custom furnished rooms, or dine with class in one of several elegant dining areas.

If you are contemplating post acute care for a loved one, in the Wayne or Paterson NJ areas, you owe it to yourself to pay a visit to Regency Gardens.
Tell Mom or Dad that you are visiting the ‘Botanical Gardens’ in the area, which also happens to offer the best Post Acute Therapy program in New Jersey!

Call Carmela Petrozza in the Admissions Office at 973-790-5800, to schedule a tour.
I actually toured Regency Gardens myself just this morning and was able to capture some beautiful photographs.
Allow me to take you on this pictorial tour and keep in mind that if these drool worthy pictures (feel free to ‘click to enlarge’ each image) appeal to you on the screen, you must come to experience it in real color!

Outdoor patio
Outdoor patio
Regency Gardens and Proud of it!
Regency Gardens and Proud of it!
Regency Gardens with St. Joseph's Hospital seen in the background
Regency Gardens with St. Joseph’s Hospital seen in the background

One of many Gazebos at Regency Gardens

Beautiful Hallway (see the Aquarium in the back!)
Beautiful Hallway (see the Aquarium in the back!)

















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