How is “Best” Defined?

“What does it mean to be the best? It means you have to be better than the number two guy. But what gratification is there in that? He’s a loser—that’s why he’s number two.”

Jarod Kintz, This Book Is Not For Sale

I was visiting Hackensack Hospital last night and noticed this sign prominently displayed in the lobby of one of the buildings

"Top 50 Hospitals in America"
“Top 50 Hospitals in America”

I started to think about the ramifications of such an advertisement and realized how the term “best” is all relative and has different meanings and connotations depending upon its application.

For Hackensack to promote itself as one of the “top 50 Hospitals in America” is significant because there are numerous World Class hospitals in all 50 States and to be counted amongst the top 50 is a mark of distinction and prestige.

However, imagine the consequences of the Starbucks coffee franchise advertising itself as being amongst the “top 50” coffee houses in America! Even for them to say they are second best would be a marketing disaster of epic proportions!

2nd best?!

So who is number 1? Dunkin Donuts!!?

Are you kidding me!? The Starbucks marketing director would be put out to pasture in a nano-second for a boneheaded blunder like that!

So clearly, the term “best” is all relative to what it is that’s being advertised.

What does it mean to be “the best” in the world of Senior Rehab Centers and Skilled Nursing Homes?

How is best defined?

The rubric to define “Best in healthcare” comes from the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid) using a system of Stars awarded to the facility based upon their most recent State survey results. The coveted and highest rating possible is the 5 star rating.

It is for this reason that facilities bend themselves into pretzels to invoke their survey results when they are good and to go on the witness protection program when they are not!

At Regency Nursing Centers across New Jersey, our most recent State survey results are 5 Stars across the board!

We are not ‘good’, ‘very good’, ‘almost good’, ‘sometimes good, ‘better’, ‘divine’ etc etc.

WE ARE THE BEST RATED NURSING AND REAHB FACILITIES IN ALL OF NEW JERSEY (and yes, we are proud silly of it – and so are our families and residents, btw!)

Let me encourage you NOT to take our word for it, research us with CMS and see this for yourself.

But wait, there is one other element here as well.

Ever notice how companies will sometimes go crazy with all kinds of self promotional gobbly-gook, tugging at the consumer emotions, but offering no concrete, quantifiable, reputable and independent yardstick to support their assertions?

I see it all the time and everyone does it.

That’s all good and wonderful, but ultimately, when you “have the goods” it really sells itself!

One of my all time favorite pictures to illustrate this concept, is right here below (not sure I agree with Heineken here, but the ad itself is great!)


Regency Nursing Centers “has got the goods” and we deliver in spades!!

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