Your Garmin Loves Regency Nursing Centers!

In an ever expanding market of smart phones equipped with robust GPS capabilities, those old dinosaurs who are exclusively GPS, need to be innovative in order to stay relevant.

Garmin just conjured up a fanciful idea which was brought to light by our indefatigable Regency Gardens Admissions Director, Carmela Petrozza!
It seems, if you are stationed in close proximity to any Regency facility Statewide, Garmin would like to jump on our bandwagon of success and piggy back on our name brand recognition!

They are actually feeding the driver with a Regency ‘review’ tool and inviting the viewer to rate our facilities!!


Of course I say this all tongue in cheek, but the salient point is Regency is the subliminal message of success espoused by all who seek to thrive off our business model via osmosis!

(I’ve got no idea what the heck I just wrote, but it sounds cool and hopefully, you get my point)

Take a look at what Carmela saw on her (completely archaic, irrelevant, passé, old school, obsolete and defunct Garmin GPS. Sorry Carmela ) GPS device:

Garmin piggy backing on Regency!! Hey, do we get a commission?
Garmin piggy backing on Regency!!
Hey, do we get a commission?


Good stuff and thanks for bringing this to all of our attention at today’s marketing meeting at the GORGEOUS Regency Heritage 5 Star Hotel Caliber (and 5 star CMS rated), Skilled Nursing and Rehab Facility in Somerset NJ!

It is always great to see all of you Regency superstars and to discuss our ever evolving initiatives for growth. Of course, Mr. Gross never ceases to amaze and inspire with his acumen and relentless pursuit of innovative concepts and strategies.

In quintessential Regency tradition, the food was great too.

Good thing I ran 10 miles this morning! (Did I ever tell you folks how boring it is to run on a treadmill? I’d rather watch paint dry, count sheep or otherwise lay dormant in a vegetative state as I contemplate the cosmos and other such deep philosophical and esoteric concepts.

Alas, I need to feed my addiction.

Ok, time to get back to feeding my other addiction: REGENCY NUSRING CENTERS!!!!

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