Beloved Regency Resident Turns 104 Today

Happy Birthday, Emma Tyukody!


She was born when Woodrow Wilson was president and the world was three weeks away from the assassination that sparked World War I. She was a toddler when America joined the war in Europe, and was already a teenager when the stock market crashed and the Great Depression began. Emma Tyukody saw virtually every big event and technological advancement of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.  Today we wish her a very happy birthday.

Emma joined the Regency family over 8 years ago, when she moved into Regency Jewish Heritage. We very quickly grew to love Emma’s sharp wit and joyful attitude. Now at 104 years old, you can still see the wisdom and love of life stamped on Emma’s face.

Since her 100th year, Emma has been honored at Regency’s centenarian celebrations. In 2014, she said the secret to her longevity is “living right” and “doing the right thing.” In another interview, she said she was born happy—and apparently, she’s been living happy ever since. During the same interview, Emma said she was a good speller, and she still has her first spelling book! In fact, Emma was the Spelling Bee Champion at Regency Jewish Heritage back in 2010.

A few years ago, Emma was chosen to represent New Jersey centenarians in photographer Danny Goldfield’s portrait series To Live 10,000 Years. Danny captured Emma’s truly beautiful radiance in his stunning photos.

Regency Nursing: A Haven for Centenarians

At Regency Nursing we’re proud and honored of our residents who’ve lived ten decades or more.  Centenarians (and younger seniors, of course!) choose Regency Nursing because of our incomparable medical care and patient-centered philosophy. We provide our residents with outstanding nursing care, quality of life, and recovery services.

Regular readers of our blog will remember that Regency set a world record for the then largest gathering of centenarians. The 2013 event made it into The 2015 Guinness Book of World Records, as a testament to Regency Nursing’s commitment to excellent care.


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