Regency Heritage In Somerset Is Home To Celebrity Centenarian!

From the desk of Marie Barnes, Regency Director of Marketing and Public Relations:

Emma Tyukody is a centenarian, warmly called a celebrity, and reaching that hallmark age, she is now a subject of a national photography project.

Emma has actually been in the newspaper several times over the last few years while residing at Regency Jewish Heritage Post-Acute, Rehab and Nursing Center.  She was featured in the local news as Spelling Bee Champion at Regency Jewish Heritage Post-Acute, Rehab & Nursing Centers in 2010.  This year she was part of the group of centenarians honored and celebrated at the facility, in collaboration with Somerset County and their ongoing luncheon celebration of all the 100 year olds that reside in Somerset County. Her picture was published in the newspaper amongst the many others who attended the annual celebration.

Last week, Danny Goldfield, photographer, who is working on a very unique project, photographed her to be part of his work that is being followed by the media, and scheduled to be displayed after the completion of the project.

Danny is putting together photos of one hundred Centenarians across the United States.  This project will feature a man and a woman representing each State in the United States of America.  He has already photographed several Centenarians from various states, and titles this vast undertaking, “To live 10,000 years”, representing the 100 years of each of the two centenarians in the 50 States.  Danny has already produced a project photographing a child from each country in the world residing in New York.

After doing some research, Danny felt Emma Tyukody will be the woman representing New Jersey.  Danny spent a good part of the day with Emma last week, photographing her and her truly lovely face.  Emma attributes her wonderful complexion to “Ponds” cold cream.  She still enjoys her word puzzles, playing Scrabble and enjoys all the activities at the facility.  Her daughter, Carolyn Schwartz was visiting with her on this day, enjoying going down memory lane, remembering all the wonderful memories they shared, and Emma’s childhood memories, over a century ago.

The day presented itself to Emma as a wonderful, exciting experience, and appreciated talking about her life, her family and everything special that occurred to make her 100 years on this earth, as very extraordinary as she is today.  She is “here”, as she says, and enjoys every moment.


Pictured is Emma Tyukody in her room, with daughter, Carolyn Schwartz and photographer, Danny Goldfield looking at the many photos he had taken of her.  The second photo is compliments of Danny Goldfield, from his collection of photos after spending the day with Emma.  For further information about Regency Post-Acute, Rehab and Nursing Centers, please call 732-873-2000, or visit

Beautiful Emma
Beautiful Emma


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