A Heartfelt Testimonial For Regency Park In Hazlet!

I walked in to Louise M’s room last night to meet with her husband Stanley.

Stan has been a salesman all his life and is as gregarious and friendly a fellow as you will ever meet.
He couldn’t stop gushing with praise for our staff, nurses and personnel.

He said (and I quote) “I’ve always been the type who loves human interaction. I am a peoples person and that’s why I was such a good salesman all my life. I have never met such good people as the caring staff that you have here at Regency Park! I am so grateful for the care and devotion you are showing to my family and it is difficult for me not to literally wrap my arms around each of you in a warm embrace!!

I was so floored, I said hold on, wait a second!
I’ll take a hug, I said!

Moreover, I said, let me call up our Administrator as I’m sure he will want a hug too and I don’t want him to be jealous!

I asked Stan whether he’d mind if we took a picture together.

Of course, he obliged!

Here is the photo!


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