Accolades For Regency Park On!



I just noted the following two 5 star testimonials posted yesterday and today to our Regency Park Feedback Page

“Our relative is at Regency Park in Hazlet for almost one year and thoroughly enjoys the entertainment. Who knew our family member was a singer! He can now be seen enjoying karaoke and singing along at the frequent events. The patriotic tributes are his favorites. At +90 he is content and being well cared for there. The staff has been most courteous to us. The site may be older than others that were visited, but it has a homey atmosphere which is very inviting to those who have difficulty with change.”

by Anonymous – Posted 6/18/14
“My mother in law has recently stayed at Regency Park Nursing Home for short term rehab and it was a wonderful experience!
I think Corporate America, Customer Service, should model whatever management style that Regency Park has!
The employees, from the Nurses down to the cleaning folks are genuinely happy and this shines through every time you see them. Each and every employee that I came in contact with offered assistance even when I did not ask! They all seem to actually like their jobs.
I have had multiple bad experiences with 6 other Nursing Homes, outside of the state of NJ, and I can honestly say that I could not find anything to complain about at Regency Park! And I am the type of person who will speak up if things are not right. Example…sat in dining area at a later hour, residents had already left and I was feeding my mother in law some pudding. Some of the employees who had ended their shift were on their way out, and 2 women came over to me and handed me a table napkin to put under my mother in law’s mouth. How sweet! It’s the little things as well as the big things that make a difference when you are trusting an outside facility to care for your loved one.
And, where do you ever hear of being approached by the folks in charge to ask if you need anything and if everything is ok? In most of my Nursing Home experiences you were fortunate if you could find someone! In the event that my mother in law needs professional full time care, this Nursing Home will be the place!
Thank You Regency Park!”
by Anna Marietta – Posted 6/19/14



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