5 Reasons To Choose Regency Nursing Homes In NJ

5 Reasons to Choose a Regency Nursing Home

  1. COMPASSION – The most dedicated and compassionate employees are at Regency Nursing Centers. We show a real love for those who fall under our care and they love us in return. We know all of our residents by name. We know their families and extended families, we know their likes and dislikes and we treat them as we’d want our own loved ones to be treated; with dignity and dedication.
  2. PASSION – Regency employees take to their tasks with a relentless passion for their work. We are cognizant, mindful and ever sensitive to the fact that we are healing people. To this end, we pursue our roles without the view of it being a ‘job’, but rather, a privilege.
  3. LEADERSHIP – We are blessed to have top down leadership to emulate and learn from. From our visionary Founder and President, to our Regency Administrators, to our Department heads, the level of accountability which is enforced, provides for true excellence in care.
  4. OWNERSHIP – I once heard our President, Mr. Gross, exhort and encourage an employee to ‘take ownership’ of his role and to view things through the ‘prism and eyes’ of an owner. This mandate shook me with its profundity and wisdom. What does an owner do? I’ll tell you. It isn’t what the employee at Home Depot did to me the other day when I asked him for the proper aisle where the gaskets are located. He practically didn’t make eye contact and summarily pointed me in the (wrong) direction. I wound up looking for a ‘gasket in a haystack’. An owner doesn’t do that. Rather, an owner walks with you to the exact product you are looking for and spends time with you to discuss your needs until you are happy.

 An owner is the opposite of the absentee husband whose guest asks him where the bathroom is located and without looking up from his newspaper, he tells the guest to ask his wife because “she puts everything away!” No, an owner takes real ownership. An owner has a relentless drive to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction. An owner approaches his role within the organizational hierarchy with an eye on representing the true ownerships interests to the best of his/her ability. The net result of such a mindset, is a thrilled and happy resident and family. At Regency, every employee takes ownership.


     5. BEAUTY – Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers are gorgeous, period. I cannot properly explain or quantify the beauty of our facilities and lush grounds.  Call me and Ill show it to you in person!

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