Regency Nursing Centers Shines Amidst Chaotic Government Shutdown

So the big topic this morning is the government shut down of all non essential services. This means you won’t be able to visit parks, museums, the Statue of Liberty etc. However, you will still continue to be protected by the full ‘might’ of our (severely depleted, diminished, compromised and stretched) brave men and women of the armed forces. You will also continue to receive snail mail via the USPS, which is good news for those who don’t own a computer and still keep pen pals.

Yesterday, I blogged here regarding the impeccable integrity and leadership demonstrated by the stewards of the Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers across NJ.

Well, I received a memo from the indefatigable Mr. Tzvi Gross of the Regency Administration this morning at 12:20am (while most of the people in our time zone are fast asleep), encouraging our admission departments to not to lose our laser focus on providing stellar care, in light of these rapid developments!

ObamaCare, government shut downs, – our news reel is spitting out developments at a hurried clip and the effects to the Healthcare industry will not be without consequence.

However, there will be no adverse impact on the patient care and commitment at any of our Regency Nursing Centers. We continue to offer the very best in compassionate healthcare.

This is what Mr. Gross wrote in part:

“I encourage you to please let our concerned readers, families and residents know that the government shutdown which just occurred at midnight will not affect any Medicare or Medicaid coverage, much less our ongoing commitment to their welfare! So unless some of our patients were planning a trip to Yosemite National Park, they will be fine, comfortable, happy and healthy at all of our facilities.”

This, my friends, is leadership in living color and this is what makes Regency the premier organization in the Senior Healthcare industry!

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