Medicare Reform, Hamburgers and Steak

I was sent a fantastic piece yesterday from Daniel J Mitchell who writes for TownHall.

The crux of his article is his assertion that in order to save Medicare, a push must be made towards free market reforms in place of bureaucratic rationing. 

He posits that current retirees and older workers are not exactly “being charged for a hamburger but getting a steak instead.” (I love his linguistics)

He says that most Medicare recipients will tell you, Medicare leaves a lot to be desired, which is what you might expect with a government-run system.

So the right way to look at the program (in his view) is that recipients are “being charged for a hamburger and they’re getting a hamburger,” but taxpayers (the ones who make up the funding gap) are “being charged for a steak.”

This is why many feel that structural reform is the only good way of dealing with the program’s giant unfunded liability. As explained in this video from the Center for Freedom and Prosperity.

This video explains how a “premium-support” plan would solve Medicare’s fiscal crisis and improve the overall healthcare system. This voucher-based system also would protect seniors from bureaucratic rationing.

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