Winter Safety Rules From Regency Park and Christie Administration Too!

Released For Publication on 2/12/14 by NJ Dept. of Health:

With the National Weather Service calling for another round of snow, sleet, ice, wind and rain for New Jersey, Commissioner of Health Mary O’Dowd encouraged New Jersey residents to prepare for possible power outages, hazardous conditions, and to paceĀ themselves when shoveling snow.
“With heavy wet snow forecasted to fall in many areas of the state, I am urging residents with heart disease or high blood pressure to follow their doctor’s advice before shoveling snow or performing other strenuous outdoor activities in the cold, as these individuals may be at increased risk of a heart attack or other physical problems,” noted O’Dowd.
The Commissioner also encouraged residents to check on family and neighbors who are at risk for cold related injuries including the elderly and those with disabilities or medical conditions.

Tips for proper snow removal include:

  • Ease into shoveling and warming up as if you are exercising. Don’t over-exert yourself, take your time and don’t lift more snow that you can handle. Shoveling snow can raise your heart rate and blood pressure dramatically
  • Do not shovel while eating or smoking
  • Push snow-rather than lift it-if possible
  • Use your legs and not your back to lift snow
  • Don’t pick too much snow up at once, if the snow is wet and heavy, use a small shovel, or only fill one-fourth or one-half of a large shovel
  • Don’t work to the point of exhaustion. If you run out of breath, take a break. If you feel tightness in your chest stop shoveling immediately and call for medical assistance if symptoms persist.


Regency Nursing Centers also features an excellent selection of Free publication on a host of topics.

Link Here


Pamphlets to Empower You!
Pamphlets to Empower You!


I actually like the Regency Nursing Winter Safety for Seniors Publication much better (it’s free, by the way).

Take a look:

Winter Safety
Winter Safety



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