A Kind Word For Families At Regency Park Nursing Center

Doesn't take more than 1 kind word to brighten someone's day!
Doesn’t take more than 1 kind word to brighten someone’s day!

Hello and Happy Presidents Day everyone!

Speaking of ‘hello,’ I was just out and about in the halls and greeted one of our visiting families with my traditional, hearty and robust ‘HELLO!’

You know what they told me?

They said that they actually look forward to my (gregarious) greeting whenever they comer here to visit!

How do you like that!

They said it is the small gestures of kindness displayed by you and the staff, that assures us that Mom is being well cared for.

Amazing what one kind word can accomplish.

Of course, others love to overanalyze and dissect the minutia of what we actually mean deep down in the nethermost regions of our subconscious, when we say ‘hello.’?!?

In fact, in this featured piece yesterday from the Atlantic, the entire article is devoted to determining what folks really mean when they say hello.


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