Where Innovation Meets The Road – Regency Nursing Centers

I was driving to work this morning when I got stuck behind a station wagon!

I’m talking about the real deal! This is the one I remember from the 1980’s. The kind that has a back bench facing the rearview traffic! The kind that would be weighed down with bundles of luggage on the top rack during summer road trips. The kind that would have kids bouncing up and down on that back bench making silly faces at the car behind them and incessantly bugging their parents with the crucial question; “are we there yet?” The kind that had the kind of exterior wood paneling and trim usually reserved for flooring.

Yep, that one!

You remember this clunker? I sure do!
You remember this clunker? I sure do!

Then there is all this talk about the new 100 dollar bill which is set to hit the market. They say this bill has been in the works since 1996!!

The new $100 bill.
The new $100 bill.

So in one instance you have and old world dinosaur which hasn’t yet ceded to the dust bin of history. In the other scenario you have true innovation as the result of a dedicated and concerted effort.

At Regency Nursing Centers we relinquish outdated modes of practice as the technology for the Healthcare industry evolves and matures. We do not coddle old systems for the sake of nostalgia.

At the same time, we embrace technological advancements in real time. We are at the forefront of pursuing every initiative and every available resource for the betterment of our patients and residents.

We were the first ones to pursue specialty programs for post acute care in the Wayne and Dover areas of New Jersey.

We have robust systems in place to map and track the progress of all of our patients and residents.

We have been setting trends for decades. The others play tag along.

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