Glamour The Regency Way!

I just bumped into an old friend from my days in the N.Y.C. Diamond District. I used to do business with him and designed jewelry pieces for our mutual customers.

In any event, he had a $50,000 dollar gold watch on his wrist (Patek Philipe).

So I ask him how and why?

He says, it is a “necessary business expense” so that he can “play the part of a successful diamond dealer.”

He says it will drum up business for him because of the perception it will cultivate with the consumer.

I remember those days when I could fully relate to such a sentiment.

Today, I’m having a tough time digesting the import of these words.

To be sure, external trappings and impressions finds its place in a capitalistic society where goods and services are sold and ‘value’ is defined by ones perception.

But to place the entire emphasis on the glitz, is akin to a beautiful vessel with nothing inside.

At Regency Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers, we feature the glitz and the glamour too. Our facilities and grounds are unequalled for beauty and elegance. But it hardly begins and ends there!

Our product is unrivaled.

Our compassion is unequalled.

Our therapy is the best in the business.

We are defined by the actual content of our character!!!

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