What’s the matter with Nursing Homes?

For the most part, I spend my time shuttling between rehab facilities and hospitals in the Monmouth County area.

Based upon my observations in many of these places, I have formulated a seasoned opinion of the way some of these facilities operate.

Recently, I had cause to visit a rehab facility a considerable distance away in Hackensack, New Jersey and lo and behold, my observations were the same.

The question which I’d like to posit is as follows:

Why do (far too) many nursing and rehab facilities appear to be so uninviting and unpalatable and why do many of the staff employed at these facilities appear to be stoic, cold and almost callous?

I walk through some of these places and view sterile (in the pejorative) white washed walls and bland linoleum flooring, which is further enhanced and highlighted by the dour and almost robotic expressions of the caregivers?!

Whatever happened to passion?

Whatever happened to compassion?

Indeed, whatever happened to pride?

We in the Healthcare industry have a mandate to provide compassionate care above all else. These are dignified human beings we care for, not widgets! They (and their families) matter and in a deeply significant way.

Everyone is a loved one and everyone has a loved one.

The problem as I see it, is the unfortunate fact that these types of places forget the sine qua non of why we are here in the first place!

The unalienable right of each resident demands a concerted and cohesive effort on the part of the facility to offer compassionate care in all areas and in a way which allows the resident to thrive and not to simply survive.

The problem is when facilities start to view themselves as just another ‘business’ offering ‘goods and services’.

These facilities begin to reflect the aesthetics of sterile and efficient warehouses and the caregivers begin to resemble the nondescript worker who gets lost in the repetitive task of packing boxes instead of healing people.

Healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals are tasked with a higher purpose than to simply ‘earn a living’.

It isn’t sufficient to simply ‘treat the patient’.

To attend to a patient or resident without compassion, is like treating the body without providing nourishment for the soul.

To see compassionate healthcare in action, visit us at any of our Regency Nursing Facilities throughout New Jersey, or visit us online at www.RegencyNursing.com

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