Regency Nursing Centers Sets Possible World Record!

Mr. David Gross - Regency Founder and President
Mr. David Gross – Regency Founder and President

Flashes popped and smart phones bobbed up and down for position. Small children pushed their way past taller adults to get a better view. Gasps of admiration escaped from wide-eyed spectators as “You Make Me Feel So Young” played in the background.

On Sunday, May 19, Regency Jewish Heritage Nursing and Rehab Center, celebrated an event of epic proportions. 40 men and women, all of them centenarians, gathered together in the magnificent auditorium at Regency to rejoice in life itself!

They came from all across New Jersey and were treated to a spectacular program, with music, delicious food and great cheer, all courtesy of Regency Heritage.

Collectively, these heroic individuals represent a jaw dropping 4000 cumulative years of life’s experiences. It was simply amazing to be in the room and to witness this historic gathering!

I believe we were able to achieve a new world record for the books, since the last documented gathering of this nature was in the UK in 2009 and featured 29 centenarians.

Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Regency, Marie Barnes, worked tirelessly to put together this wonderful event and her efforts were well rewarded.

Regency Founder and President, Mr. David Gross, expressed his gratitude for hosting this event and for continuing to blaze a trail of excellence in healthcare. Indeed, Regency has become the standard by which others measure themselves.

We were also written up in the New Jersey Star Ledger!

Check it out.

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